February 06, 2013

What I Love Wednesday - hungry for change

In my marriage my husband tends to be the one who is most health conscience.  He is a cyclist and he has always loved taking care of his body - eating as healthy as possible.  On the flip side, I grew up in Wisconsin eating lots of things covered in cheese and fried.  I love chocolate cake and almost any form of dessert.  

Over the years I feel like we've met in the middle pretty well.  We eat a fairly healthy - with a little wiggle room.  However, last week I watched something that changed my thoughts completely.  It was this documentary that I watched (via Netflix streaming).  If you ever needed some ammunition to change your eating habits, this will do it.  It's called "Hungry for Change."

I understand not wanting to watch something like this and wanting to be just be content with where you're at, but I promise it's worth your time.  It explains a lot of things about processed food and today's way of life that I didn't really know.

So, my husband and I completely cleaned out our pantry last Saturday and filled it with all sorts of real food.  We got rid of all crackers, cereals, and junk (though you might see a couple of things in there that we are slowly phasing out for the boys.)  It's actually been really fun.  It gives us a common hobby and we're even cooking together.  I don't want to claim that I'm perfect at this or that I'm so healthy now that I suddenly feel like I'm 18 again, because it's only been half a week.  However, I will keep you updated if you'd like.  

I even revamped my pinterest food board and started pinning healthy options - even homemade salad dressing recipes.  I'm also trying to pin things I've tried and loved there so it can be my virtual recipe box to come back to.

And the kids?  Rex has whined a bit about getting rid of sugar, but they both eat what we give them pretty well.

Here are some things I'm hoping will change for us:

- I want to have more energy and a clearer complexion.
- I want the boys to need snacks less often, since they'll be eating foods that actually fill them.  (I don't starve my kids.  They just think they need snacks every ten minutes.)
- I want to be able to be really active with my kids - especially after this pregnancy.
- I want this to be a continued hobby and sense of enjoyment for my husband and I.

So, that's where we're at for now.  So have any of you watched this documentary?  Have any of you made big changes in your food?  Did you make the changes gradually or all at once?  Do you have any awesome healthy recipes you want to recommend?  I'd love to hear your status and input on all of it.

Thanks for reading.


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