March 30, 2013

Sharing Saturday - Help! Summer is soon approaching!

It's been a very, very very, long time since we've had a sharing Saturday.  In fact, many of you probably don't know what it even is.  Basically, I lay out a few questions (which are sometimes from readers) and everybody gives their two cents and ideas.

The subject today is SUMMER.  Why?  Because I need your help.  Blatantly speaking I'm a little scared.  We just finished a week of spring break and it reminded me of summer and how unstructured and challenging it can be.  You see, I'll be having the baby about a week after school ends.  Talk about changes.  Rex will suddenly have no school and a newborn sister.  (Cue the "Mom what can I do now?  We aren't doing anything fun?  I'm bored. etc.)

[old picture from THIS post]

You see, Baden can entertain himself really easily.  However, Rex is a lot more demanding and thrives with more structure and getting out of the house a lot.  I plan on doing Mommy School like last year, but I don't know how I'll put the same effort into it with a newborn around.

I found a cool idea/ concept on a different blog where she gave her kids assignments in the morning and then they did fun activities together in the afternoon, but I'm not sure my boys are old enough to independently handle assignments each morning and I don't want it to become a nag fest.

So, enough of the blabbing.  Here are a few questions to answer.  Answer whatever you like.  I LOVE hearing your ideas and insights.

- What do you do with your kids in the summer?  Summer school?  Nothing?  Playdates?  Trips?

- Do you go with the flow and enjoy less structure?  Do you organize the week to create more structure?

- What have you found really works for you and them?  (Obviously this is different for everyone, I know.)

- Do you schedule less because of a new baby or do you keep the older ones busy with activities and let your new baby take lots of naps in the car?

This is definitely going to be a time of reconfiguring things for us.  I want to make the transition easier for the boys, if possible and I want us to be able to enjoy the summer together.

Thanks in advance for your sharing.  See you tomorrow.


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