April 12, 2013

Feature Friday - JoAnn's and HGTV team up

JoAnn's is one of those places that I could spend a LOT of time in.  I love strolling through the aisles and finding cool fabrics.  I also love HGTV.  I don't watch much TV now, but HGTV was always my go-to channel back when I was nursing my babies.  I love their shows.  So when I heard that JoAnn's was  teaming up with HGTV and carrying a HGTV fabric line I was really excited about it.

They offered to send me some of the fabric and I couldn't say no to that.  I received this bundle of what I would call a solid cucumber green and a  chevron version of it as well.  It matched the walls in my front room, where I intended to make some pillows for my bench a long time ago.

So I made some pillows.  The green chevron worked well for the project.  Both fabrics were nice, thick, home decor fabrics - great for decor projects and I love using fabrics like these for bags and purses, too.

So now the bench looks a little less lonely.  

Here's the look at you walk in the front door.

So here are a few of the fabrics in the line that I'm drooling over.  You can see them all HERE.

 If you want to check out the new line of HGTV fabrics, here's a little coupon you can use.  It expires on May 4th.

Thanks for stopping by.

Disclosure: I was not paid for this post, but I did receive the fabric for free.  I am just genuinely excited about this new fabric line.


  1. Love those fabrics too!

  2. your entryway is beautiful! Those are definitely pretty fabrics, thanks for the coupon

  3. Nice coupon, they rarely give out 10% on whole purchase. I also love Jo-Ann's. The thing that kills me the most though - well, my pocket book, is that I live a few miles from their corporate HQ which happens to have a very large store attached to it. So much fabric - so many crafts!! Overload! Although, I must say, while the patterns they sent you are awesome, the others you posted are definitely not my style - they take me back to the wallpaper in our very outdated kitchen when I was a kid, hehe.

  4. Those pillows are awesome! You can use that 10% coupon off next week when the whole HGTV line goes on sales for 50% off, too!

  5. Love love love the polka dot wall!!

  6. Haha well I feel silly. I enlarged the pic on my phone and noticed the stencil and clearly see its non polka beauty! :) I wish I could pay you to come decorate my entire house. I LOVE your style and am so jealous of your talent.

  7. Pretty! Love the pillows... great job!


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