June 08, 2013

She's here!

 I promised I'd let you see Elsa when she got here.  Well, the little lady has arrived and I am so in love.  I was induced (due to choice) on Wednesday.  We went in at 8:30am.... 

...and she was born a little after 4:30pm.  Labor went really well.  I had an epidural that worked extremely well.  Being child number three, I also didn't have to push much.  

Knowing you're going to have a baby is a bit scary even when you've done it before, but we were really fortunate to have everything go so smoothly.

I had always envisioned a little girl with dark hair when I thought of Elsa and she actually came out looking just like what I had pictured.

 Here are a few instagram shots.  If you want to stay updated I'm "mommaroars" there and I'll post pics here and there throughout the summer.

 We are now home.  I got to play dress up with her today.  She tolerates it well :)

The boys have been with family, but they have met her.  Baden's face says it all here.  I'm sure she'll grow on them quickly though.

And it's pretty fun to see my husband with a little girl.

That's all for now.  Thank you SO much for your prayers and comments and support.

June 02, 2013

Pregnancy Pics

I said I'd post pictures Saturday, but I had some camera problems.  So, here are a few pregnancy ones I got my husband to snap before the little lady arrives.

I got this idea from a picture my sister pinned HERE and I though it was so funny.  Bade cracks me up in this shot.

 It's so weird to think that this little guy won't be the baby anymore.  It kind of breaks my heart, but I'm excited to watch him become a big brother, too. 


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