November 10, 2013

Sunshine Sunday - 5 months and this stage

I can't believe it, but this little one is 5 months old now!  I can't explain how grateful I am for her.  She makes everything brighter around here.  The boys are completely under her spell now.  They will do these crazy dances just to get her to laugh.  Watching the three of them together makes my heart want to burst.

I just got a couple of books I made in the mail.  I'm a little behind, because I just finished our 2012 book, but it made me realize how fast time is passing.  It's too fast.

And I want to soak up these little moments as much as possible.

I am really thankful for this stage.  I'm thoroughly exhausted but my heart feels so good.

Tomorrow we start Refashionista here.  I have 2 weeks of amazing bloggers lined up.  I'm excited.  

Thanks for reading.


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