Do Your Kids Make You Crazy – 7 Tips to Stay Calm

Do Your Kids Make You Crazy

After you have made the decision to become a parent, things will change. They may change even before your baby gets here – if you are waiting on the arrival of a little one, it’s normal for some sleep deprivation to occur. Once your child is born, however, things can be more hectic than ever … Read more

DIY Baby Onesies – 3 Simple Ideas Without Sewing

DIY Baby Onesies

All of my babies have been due in the spring/summer and I love that I can put them in just a onesie during the summer.  I bought a pack of onesies the other day and thought it would be fun to decorate them a little.  Here’s what became of them.  All were made with fabric … Read more

15 Minute Diaper Clutch – Super Easy DIY Project

Diaper Clutch

Today I have a super simple sewing project – the 15 minute diaper clutch. I’m not super fast with sewing, but this baby takes almost no time at all. It’s also a pretty easy project – even if you’re a beginner. While I’m calling it a diaper clutch, it could easily be used as a … Read more