September 25, 2012

Napkin Holder

After making the fabric napkins for kids last week I needed a place to store the napkins.  They had to be accessible, but I didn't want them to be an eyesore on the table.  Here's what I came up with.

I found the holder at Hobby Lobby at 50% off.  I first bought a trunk-looking thing, but it was just too big.  I went back and got this instead.  

Random Sidenote: A long time ago I found a really funny song on iTunes called, "Don't Wipe Your Face On Your Shirt."  It's a silly song that talks about how the kids can do pretty much anything EXCEPT wiping their face on their shirt.  It says, "You can eat that tub of lard but if you throw up in the yard, don't wipe your face on your shirt."  My boys and I think it's pretty funny.

So I designed and cut some vinyl and stuck it to the napkin holder.  It didn't adhere super well due to the cracks on the wood, so I thought I'd paint over it, using it as a stencil and then peel off the vinyl.  (You could also just easily hand-paint something on it or buy letter stickers and do what I did here.)

I used Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint for the first time.  I've heard people rave about it and I have a bigger project I'm using it for.  However, I thought this would be the best way to try it out before tackling the big project with it.  I liked it because it distressed really well.  

I dry-brushed it on.

I removed the vinyl and then I sanded more of it off to make it look even more aged.

Now it holds the napkins and becomes a centerpiece all at the same time.  I added some dish rags to the pile as well (like a couple of you recommended) since I hadn't sewed enough napkins to keep it stocked 24/7.

And so far the fabric napkin thing is working well.  We aren't throwing away countless napkins anymore.  Yay!

Thanks for reading.

- Are you guys familiar with Project Run and Play?  It's a sewing for kids competition and it's pretty amazing to see what the contestants whip up.  Check out last week's style icon challenge HERE.

- Want to read a quick uplifting story?  I loved THIS POST by Ashley at Little Miss Momma.  She has a great way with words.


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