Wake Up Wednesday – Pantry Organization

Pantry Organization

Last week’s challenge was to pick a cluttered area of your home and organize it. I picked our back door closet. It’s been that place we stuff things when they don’t really have a place they belong. However, the closet wasn’t very useful that way. Here’s the before. It’s not totally hideous, but we just … Read more

Silhouette Made Simple – DIY Pantry Organization

Silhouette Made Simple - DIY Pantry Organization

Today we’re going to play with the Silhouette adhesive cardstock and regular vinyl. Today’s projects are decorative gift wrapping and these pantry labels. I used Silhouette’s adhesive cardstock for the decorative gift wrapping. Check out this post about this DIY Silhouette Advent Calendar. The adhesive card stock is really fun. It would be great to … Read more

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Farmhouse Pantry Doors 2024 – DIY Door Guide

Decorate with Barn Doors

I wanted to show you my reorganized, repainted laundry room today, but it’s not done.  It didn’t turn out to be a one-coat venture so I’m still working on it.  I thought that instead, I would show you a fun feature in my home.  When we have people over for the first time, it’s always … Read more

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