The Superhero Bedroom Part 4 – DIY Kids Room

Superhero Bedroom

I have this last project I just finished for Rex’s superhero bedroom and then tomorrow will be the full reveal. I am nerdy excited about how this one came together. Rex had a phase where we watched A LOT of “the Incredibles.” Remember how Mr. Incredible had a room where he had all the newspaper … Read more

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Superhero Car and Reading Nook 2024 – DIY Kid Car

Superhero Car and Reading Nook

This was my final project for So You Think You’re Crafty. It was a lot of work, but I was really happy with the results. I’ve been planning on converting one of our bedrooms into a Superhero room for Rex. I wanted to create an area where he could read, but also have fun. The … Read more

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The Superhero Room – the Last Chapter 2024 DIY

The Superhero Room

I am thrilled to report that Rex’s superhero room is totally completed.  Here’s a video tour.  If you don’t do videos, then you can check out the pictures below. Here’s the room in action.  It’s my sister filming, but her speaking voice is almost identical to mine.  Freaky, I know.  (Pay no attention to the … Read more

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Superhero Scavenger Hunt – 2024 Tips

Superhero Scavenger Hunt

Since it’s summertime and a lot of you have kids at home I wanted to come up with a thrifty idea that involved the kids. So, I’m going to show you the Superhero Scavenger hunt I just did with my boys. It didn’t cost a dime and they absolutely LOVED it. (First off, I adapted … Read more