March 03, 2010

Real Men Have Mustaches. And they wear pink.

So, I told you that I had a plan to use the remains of the previous freezer stencil and here it is....the second mustache tee.

When he woke up from his nap I showed him I had made him another mustache shirt and he begged to put it on right away.  Later we went to Home Depot, where he took off his coat so he could show off his new shirt.  He chanted, "'Spect the 'Stache!!!"  in his manly voice all through the store.  I loved every minute of it. 

So, here's the process.  I also need to give a shout-out to Jamee at Homemaker, whose idea inspired this one.

1) Find a cheap, plain tee.  This one was $4 at Target.  I removed the pocket, but saved the fabric from it.

Here's the stencil I had used for the first t-shirt.....

....and here's the left-over part I used for this shirt.

2) Iron on the freezer paper.

3) Fill a spray bottle with bleach.  Spray the shirt.  I sprayed the entire shirt because I wanted it to look old and worn.  I sprayed quite a bit.  I also slid some freezer paper into the inside of the shirt so that when I sprayed the back, it didn't leak onto the front.

4) I let the shirt sit about 20 minutes and came back to find it had already changed A LOT.  If you want a less dramatic color change, don't wait as long.  If you don't want your manly red shirt to be pink, don't wait as long :)  

5) Give the shirt a good rinse in the sink and peel off the stencil.  Throw it in the laundry.

6) Optional: I took the shirt pocket I had removed, stenciled it with a mini-mustache and sewed it on the back.  I liked the contrast of the original red against the faded one.


7) Teach your 2-year-old how to say, "Respect the 'Stache" in a grissley, man voice.

Like that cheese stain on the pants?  That's my boy.

Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by.  Have a great day!


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