52 Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys 2024 – Top Picks

6 year old boys can sometimes be a tricky age group to find the right gift for. For one, they’re definitely not toddlers anymore, so most of the toys for younger children just won’t hold their attention.  However, they are still pretty young, and toys for older children, like drones, might be a little too complicated for them.  So, in order to make things a little easier, we have put together this massive list of 52 great presents for your son or grandchild.

Best Gift Ideas in 2024

1. WIKI Cool Cartoon Super Hero Capes

This is a perfect 6 year old boy toy! Every little boy dreams of being a superhero and these fun capes allow them to live their fantasy! A reasonably priced product made with high quality fabric, this is the best present to give to any 6 year old to play with friends or alone.

Wiki super hero capes for kids in various colors,

2. FGZU Dinosaur Transforming

Combing two favourite children’s things – dinosaurs and cars! This cool boy’s toy drives like a car and roars like a dinosaur. The LED lights will flash as the dinosaur roars creating hours of fun for your child. This is a great present which is guaranteed to make any 6 year old smile.

Dinosaur transforming gift toy for boys, blue and red color,

3. EARSOON Dinosaur Toy Figure with Activity Play Mat & Tree

This great present combines exploration and imagination which is great for any young boy! This dinosaur playmat allows for the child to use the 9 dinosaur figurines to delve into the park on the playmat, alone or with friends. This will help your young boy’s concentration and imagination.

Dinosaur toy figure with playmat & trees, detachable educational playset,

4. LEGO 60256 City Nitro Wheels Racing Cars Toy

This easy to use toy is a perfect addition to an already budding LEGO lover, or a young boy ready to be immersed in the world of building and imagination! This set comes with two driver figures and will provide hours of fun! Your young boy can build and unbuild the cars and also race them around.

this is an image of a Lego city racing car set with race driver minifigures,

5. Music Magic Cube Toys

These magic cubes are a wonderful present for any budding musician! Give the child the control with these cubes, providing hours of play. Music and light stimulation provide your child with entertainment and also learning, with improving hand eye coordination and motor skills. With multiple games or just play, these are great toys for 6 year old boys.

Electronic Music Magic Cube in different colors

6. Crayola Mega Activity Tub

This amazing Crayola tub a great present for any 6 year old. This magical tub comes with a colouring book, super tips, stickers, stamps, paint and more! A great option for a budding artist or for any boy wanting to explore their creative side. Safe and easy fun for young children.

Crayola Mega Activity Tub set

7. Boys Toy Robot

Gift ideas for young boys don’t get much better than with robotic toys?  So imagine how happy your son will be with an RC robot for kids that walks, talks, dances and even fires foam discs?

This little machine is definitely one of the best robots for kids we’ve seen in recent years, and this one can even be programmed to act on its own if your child tires of using the remote control, although we doubt he ever will.  More likely, he’ll be terrorizing the household and shooting foam bullets at everyone!

image of a gray Toy robot holding a gun with remote

8. Hover Soccer Set for Boys

Turn any smooth surface into a great sports field for your little boy and his friend with this awesome gift.  Combining soccer and hockey, this cool game comes with two soccer style goals and a hybrid soccer ball/hockey puck toy for them to play with.  They can kick it just like a soccer ball, and it will hover just like an air hockey puck.

Your son and his friends will really have endless amounts of fun with this cool set, which can be used indoors and outdoors as long as they are on a smooth surface.  It is also a great gift because it doesn’t take up too much room, can be set up in different parts of the house, and they can even take it with them on a trip to see grandma and grandpa.  Everything is made of quality non-toxic plastic, and the puck has soft foam bumpers to stop it from damaging the floor and your kid’s feet.  This will be a great gift for a boy on his birthday or at Christmas.

image of a Hover soccer set (net and ball)

9. Boys Soft Bullet Blaster Gun

Whether its playing as soldiers, cops and robbers or space explorers, little boys just love playing with things that shoot, and this cool blaster is one of the best toy guns we’ve seen in a long time.  We recommend it because its suction darts are soft and safe for kids to use, and they can fire up to 30 feet, so they’ll be great for war games or nerf gun battles.

This has be designed for kids to use easily, so your 6 year old boy will have no problem reloading it.  It also comes with a dart board for target practice, so if your little soldier gets tired of shooting his siblings, he can try on that.  Why not get a one for everyone in the family and have an all-out battle?

Soft bullet blaster gun in combination of gray, blue and white colors

10. Magnetic Dart Board for Boys

A cool presents for 6 year old boy could be this dart board, it is a great gift for a little, as they love games where they can throw things and score points, and this magnetic darts board can easily be set up in their bedroom or games room.  Whether they are just letting off a little steam after a hard day at school, or they get all their friends over for a grand tournament, this gift will bring many hours of fun and friendly competition for your little guy.

The great thing about these magnetic boards is that they are much safer than a standard darts set, which have sharp darts that kids can cut themselves on or worse.  Also, the magnetic darts won’t leave holes in the walls if the child misses the board. This will make a great gift for a six year old boy on a special occasion.

This is an image of a magnetic dart board for kids.

11. Boys Walkie Talkie

Sometimes the best toys you can get for kids are ones that help them to make their own fun in free play, and we really can’t think of anything better than a cool set of kids walkie talkies.  With these, your 6 year old boy and a friend will have all kinds of crazy adventures, and they can use them to make their own games and have endless amounts of fun.

These ones, in particular, are amazing, as they have a whopping 3.5 hours continuous use time on a full battery, built in flashlights, great sound quality, a range of over 3 miles and they are available in either blue or red.  When your son is not using them, they can also double up as baby monitors.  These are probably the best walkie talkies for kids we’ve seen, and they’ll make a great birthday gift for your kid.

a pair of walkie talkie in blue color for boys

12. Boys Outdoor Explorer Set

Most little boys are adventurous sorts, and they love exploring, hiking, and discovering, so why not get your child this cool explorer set for his next birthday?

This thing has everything that a little Indiana Jones will need when discovering the mysteries of the backyard or the local park.  This hand backpack comes with a magnifying class, binoculars, compass and a flashlight, so no matter what kind of crazy adventure your little explorer goes off on, he’ll be ready for anything. There’s even a whistle in case he needs to call for help.

This will be a great gift for 6 year old boys who love nature and exploring.

image of an adventure set including a pair of binoculars, a flashlight, a magnifying glass and a drawstring bag in orange hue

13. Grow and Glow Terrarium for Boys

Does your son love nature and science?  If so, why not let him grow his own magical garden right on his desktop as he can craft, plant and grow all kinds of wonderful things in this great kids terrarium.

What is really great about this cool science gift is that it comes with everything your little scientist will need right out of the box including Kit includes loads of stuff for growing a terrarium.  Science and discovery are made fun with this great birthday gift for a little boy.

an image of Grow n Glow Terrarium boxset

14. The Wave Toy RC Boat

RC boats are a great gift idea for a 6 year old boy. It’s an awesome way to get them outside on the water and learning something new. Plus, it’s sure to bring the fun. 

This model is extremely easy to use so any kid will be able to quickly get the hang of it. Not only that, this boat picks up some serious speed and it comes with two batteries to let your 6 year old drive for double the time. If you’re scrambling to find the perfect gift for a birthday or upcoming holiday, this is a great option that your child or grandchild is sure to love.

This is an image of a Altair AA Wave RC Boat

15. Build your own RC Tank

These building toys for boys age 6 are amazing boys gift packs and double the fun, as your son gets to play the part of both chief engineer and tank commander with this cool build your own RC Tank set!  First of all, he’ll follow the clear instructions to use the building blocks and tracks to build up the tanks.  Next, he’ll use the included remote control to take his new creation off on all kinds of adventures.  Be prepared for hours and hours of fun.

This is made of high-qualify, non-toxic materials, has detailed instructions, and is very sturdy, all of which make it a great gift for 6 years old boys.  It is also a very educational toy as well, as he will have to assemble it and learn how to drive it remotely.  This will be a great Christmas present.

image of RC tank built with building kits in various colors

16. Boys Finger Rockets

The best educational toys are those that combine scientific learning with lots of fun and the capacity to experiment, and these cool finer rockets tick all those boxes.  Half slingshot, half rocket, these cool STEM tops are a great way to introduce kids to the science of flying and concepts like elevation and wind resistance as well as letting them have the primal fun of shooting rockets.  Thankfully though, these are very safe, and there are no batteries or required for the rocket to fly, only the LED lights.

These popular toys for boys are really cool in that they can let the kids make up their own games around them, and a set of them will be brilliant for some fun at a birthday party.  We also love that these particular rockets have LED lights, so they can be used at night as well.

image of a boy stretching a finger rocket in red color

17. Relay GPS Tracker for Kids

At age 6, you might want your child to be able to contact you in an emergency, or maybe just after school to let you know the bus will be a little late arriving home. Relay lets kids contact parents without all the risks of a cell phone.

Relay works like a walkie-talkie, but has the range of a cell phone. You can download the free Relay app to talk to your child from your smartphone as well as track his location via GPS. If your son’s siblings or friends have Relays, you can set up custom chat groups for them – perfect for imaginative outdoor play. Relay is also packed with fun features like music, joke of the day, language translation, and more – it even tells you the time and your local weather forecast!

Relay keeps kids safe while helping them feel independent and confident – it’s a perfect birthday or holiday gift for your big kid!

this is an image of the relay kids screen free smartphone

18. Boys Art Set

The perfect gift for a little 6 year old artists, this Crayola light up tracing set will be brilliant for a young boy to hone is art skills.  By using the included tracing sheets and the 10 colored pencils, he can practice his art skills and perfect his coloring in.  There are also hundreds of new tracing designs available online, and the light up tracing pad will make this easy and fun.

However, he doesn’t have to stick to the designs included.  We all know artists like to experiment, so your kid can use the light up pad with his own designs and get really creative to make some incredible works of art.

image of a Crayola Loght-up tracing pad for kids

19. Nerf Basketball Hoop for Boys

Little boys love shoot basketball hoops, and with this cool set from Nerf, they can set up their hoop either indoors or outdoors over a door or on a wall. This comes with easy to assemble parts and it can be set up within a few minutes.  It is also very sturdy and long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about it getting broken as long as your little Michael Jordan doesn’t do anything unusual or crazy with it.

Whether its to have a competition with friends or just shoot some hoops to blow off a little steam, your son will get a lot of fun and use out of this cool toy basketball hoop, and this will be a nice gift for an older boy who loves sports and basketball.image of a basketball hoop in yellow green color

20. Race To Treasure Board Game

Generations of kids come and go, but board games never go out of style.  In this award-winning game made as a cooperative game, your son and his friends will work together to beat the bad Ogre in a race to get to the treasure, so they will be learning about cooperation and teamwork at the same time as having a blast.

This cool board game will make an amazing gift for a six year old boy, as it finds a good balance between being simple enough to understand, yet also having enough depths to be fun.  There is also no additional reading required to play the game, so the reading level will be no barrier.  Also, did we mention that this game was the winner of 4 awards one being the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award.  This will be a great present for a little boy who loves to play with his friends.

image of the board game called Race to the Treasure

21. Wooden Construction Set for Boys

We all know how much kids like to imitate their parents, so if dad is building something out in the shed, this cool wooden construction set and blocks might be a wonderful gift for a 6 year old boy.  This is an 8-piece wooden building with 12 bolts, 8 nuts, 16 building boards, 6 blocks, screwdriver, and storage box.  It is made of natural wood, and all the paces are very durable and well made.

Little boys with a flair for building and inventing will have an amazing time here as they can follow the instructions to build all kinds of cool stuff, from cranes to motorcycles, or they can let their imagination go wild and come up with their own inventions.  This is education and very fun for little boys, and you can challenge their problem solving skills to make some really cool and colorful inventions.  We also love how the box doubles up as storage.

construction set wood for boys in different colors

22. Lego City Stunt Truck

The classics never really go out of style, and lego has been entertaining kids for generations and generations with their cool building blocks and sets.  This sweet stunt truck is very affordable and will make an awesome gift for those on a bit of a budget.

This cool truck comes with a driver figure, and it measures at  2” (6cm) high, 4” (12cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide.  As with all lego sets, it comes with double the fun as your child first gets to build it, then play with it.  This will be a great gift for 6 year old boys with Lego car collections, or for a child just starting their Lego collection.

image of Lego city stunt truck set in a box for boys

23. National Geographic Construction Set

A must-have for little builders out there.  This amazing building set from National Geographic will put your son to the test with a 219 pieces colorful snap pieces.  Follow the detailed instructions to create over 100 motorized models, from rocket ships to dinosaurs.

We love just how functional this set is.  You can use the official app to find even more diagrams and models to build, and even attach the included battery powered motor to make your creations come to life.  Despite looking so complicated, the pieces easily snap together, so your son won’t have too much difficulty, just the right amount to test him and make him step up to the task.

image of 100-in-1 National Geographic construction set for boys

24. Crayon Art Gift Set

Childhood is often the age when artistic talents can start to blossom, so if you are looking for a gift for a boy who loves to draw and color, this amazing crayon set will give them many, many hours of joy and creativity.

The little lad who gets this set will be amazed at the ways he has to express himself with over 150 different pieces and even really cool stuff like neon, metallic, and glitter crayons.  It also includes a Crayon Caddy, for easy storage and taking it with him wherever he goes,  and Crayon Sharpener to make sure that all his colors are in good shape. This will be a great Christmas or birthday present for any little Picasso’s out there.

This is an image of a 152 piece crayons.

25. Star Wars Lightsaber Toy

Ever since the new Star Wars films introduced a new generation to the magic of Star Wars, little boys have been desperate once again to get their hands on the ultimate weapon in the universe, the lightsaber.  If you know a little boy who is mad for Star Wars, then this officially licensed Kylo Ren lightsaber will be excellent for him.

Just like the movies, this space weapon lights up and makes amazing sounds as if it were the real thing.  A wonderful toy for a boy who loves Star Wars.

an image of star wars lightsaber toy in red hue

26. Hot Wheels 9 Pack

If it’s not guns, sports or spaceships, there’s a good chance that your lad is mad about cars.  If so, why not get them this cool pack of 9 1:64-scale Hot Wheels for their next birthday?

Each car is made of genuine die cast materials, and they all come in very nice colors and awesome designs and details.  Your little car fanatic will have hours and hours of fun playing with these, and this set is a great way to add to an existing collection or to start a new one.

image of assorted Hot Wheel mini trucks in a box

27. Boys Stomp Rocket

Another classic toy for little boys, this cool rocket launcher toy will easily become a firm favorite for your soon to be 6 boy.  This thing is 100% child powered, as all your son will need to do is stomp on the launcher as hard as he can.  The rockets can even soar as high as 100 feet!

This set includes a launcher and 20 child-safe foam rockets.  It is also very compact and portable, so your son take it with him on trips or on holidays.The Original Stomp Rocket

28. STEM Building Blocks Set

Help your little man unleash his creativity and imagination with this cool building blocks set. This click and brick set has over 100 pieces of sturdy and colorful blocks that will engage your child’s problems solving and creative faculties as he makes all kinds of cool things like trucks, helicopters and spaceships.

STEM toys are really great for encouraging your child to think scientifically and giving them a bit of ‘brain training’ so this toy will be great for children who love building and doing their own thing.  This also comes with instructions and a handy storage bag.  This will be a wonderful birthday gift for a boy of six years old.

image of a boy playing with STEM building block set for boys in yellow and black color

29. Robot Face Board Game

We all know that boys around 6 can be a bit competitive and like competitions, so this cool board game will be a perfect challenge for your little man.  The robot randomize gives each child a random robot face with different ears, eyes, nose and mouth, and the kids then have to scan the game board in order to find a matching body for their robot head.  All the players can play all the time, as there is no waiting for turns.

This game is not only lots of fun for boys,  it also helps them develop visual discrimination, which is a key skill that will help with their reading and literacy.  As such, this game is good for your son’s development, and is recommended by American Mensa!

this is an image of a Robot Face Race game set in a red box

30. Smarty Pants Card Game Set

Boys need to exercise their developing brains and minds as well as their bodies, and this cool and popular card game quiz will do just that. Children will test their knowledge and problem solving skills, as each card has an illustrated activities or question for them to solve include picture puzzles, math challenges, tongue-twisters, mazes, vocabulary builders, and more.  

While these have been designed to be very educational and to suit the development age of the children placing, these are also very humorous and will get a lot of laughs and giggles out of your little man.  This will make a brilliant educational gift for six year old boys. These sets come in lots of different editions depending on school grade, so make sure you get to grade 1 or 2 for your son.

a picture of SmartyPants brain building cards set

31. Zoob Car Designer Kit

With this cool 76 piece Zoob kit, your little lad can take his fascination with cars to the next level as he follows the instructions to build all kinds of crazy and awesome vehicles, including three different types of car and a 12 wheel car carrier.  However, if he wants to use his imagination, he can make his own crazy designs.

We really like the car building kit as the pieces, especially the wheels, are very durable and made from strong materials, and there really are almost endless possibilities for your kid to flex his creative muscles with the 76 pieces included in this set.  A brilliant gift for 6 year old boys who love cars and inventing.

image of a ZOOB car designer kit in a box

32. Twister Game for Kids

This really is one of the ultimate party games and will be a great hit for a boys birthday.  We shouldn’t need to explain how this works, but you should be aware that it is absolutely hilarious, and will keep youngsters entertained for hours and hours of good clean fun.  As we know, young boys love games that test them physically, and they love moving around and taking on difficult challenges, making Twister great for them.

As long as you’ve got enough space to put the mat down, there’s little else you need in order to let your boys play this game, and we’re sure that older siblings and parents won’t be able to resist joining in.

image of the Twister game set in a box

33. Activity Book

It is important to make sure that young boys around the age of six develop their intellects and their problem-solving abilities, and if you’ve got to buy a gift for a boy who loves puzzles, this cool activity book will definitely keep them busy for hours and hours.

The Brain games inside will help kids develop their memory and number skills, and they’ll never get bored with activities ranging from battleships and includes Japanese puzzles and loads more.

image of Brain gaemes for clever kids activity book in red & black color

34. NeoTracks Kids Track Set

Neotracks takes the traditional idea of a kids road or train tracks set and brings it up to speed for modern children.  With this cool 228 piece set of adjustable tracks and features, your little boy will have hours of fun constructing his own track to race the included car around on.

What is really amazing about the Neotracks set is that the pieces are very flexible, and your boy will really be able to let his imagination run riot and twist and turn the tracks into all kinds of different road, paths and bridges.  The only downside is that batteries for the car are not included in the set. This will be a great gift for 6 year old boys who love cars and building roads.

image of NeoTracks Kids track set

35. Pie Face Game for Kids to Enjoy

Pie face is a classic gift used for Christmas for loads of laughs. This will be a lot of fun for the whole family, not just your son!  This Hasbro Pie Face game really has been taking the world by storm and providing hours of laughter for kids and adults.  You stick a pie in the arm, put your face in the frame, and turn the handle to see if it throws the pie in your face.  Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t, and you get a point for each time you escape without getting a pie in the face.  But, eventually, someone is going to get a good splat!

This has different parts for assemblage, but very self-explanatory.  Endless amounts of laughter will be had with this cool kids game, and its the perfect way for your little boy to get a little payback on his parents.

a Pie Face! game set in a box

36. Minecraft Toys Survival Pack

Every little boy loves Minecraft, especially at this age of 6. If you haven’t heard of Minecraft by now, you must have been living under a rock for the last five years.  This educational building video game phenomenon has taken kids by storm, and there’s a good chance that your little lad loves it too.  If so, why not get him one of these survival packs, which feature figures, animals and buildings from the hit game?

What is really great about these Minecraft figures is that they are lots of different packs to choose from, varying in price, so you can choose the right one to fit your budget.  Or you can get more than one so your boy aged 6 has more to play with.

MInecraft survival pack toy set for boys

37. Pop Up Pirates

This classic game of nerves has been entertaining little boys for many decades now, and if you know a young boy who likes pirates, this could be a really great gift for them.  In classic style, everyone takes it in turns to remove a sword from the barrel, and if the pirate hilariously pops out when its your turn, you’re out.

Many parents will remember playing with this classic game themselves when they were young, and we’re happy to say that kids today love it just as much as they did 30 or 40 years ago.  This game is simple but hilarious fun, and we’re sure that mom and dad will want to get in on the action as well.

image of the Pop-up Pirate toy in red color for boys

38. Kids Action Camera

For rough and tumble boys who like BMX bikes, skateboarding or the great outdoors, this cool action camera can strap to their bike or helmet and let them make crazy movies of their antics.  This thing is water proof to, so it will survive the elements.  Who knows, your son might even become a youtube sensation!

This will be a brilliant gift for 6 years old boys who like to ride or skate.

image of a kid's action camera in camouflage color

39. Marble Run Toy

Marble run sets are great toys for boys, as they let them exercise their creativity and inventiveness while also introducing them to basic concepts like gravity, weight and momentum, which will serve as the basis for scientific learning.  They are also wicked fun too.  This super cool set has 60 construction pieces including curves, chutes, wheels and supports, so there’s nothing to stop your little guy from making fascinating marble runs.

The colorful set includes chutes, curves, loads of tubes, many bases, snake pass, plus colored marbles.   Children can start with small runs, but after a little time experimenting and getting the hang of things, they’ll be making crazy marble runs that threaten to spiral out of control.  This is a great learning toy for a six year old boy whether for his birthday or any special occasion.

Super Marble Run toy set, in a box

40. Dinosaur 3D Puzzle Set

Boys loving solving problems and puzzles, so if you can give them a really cool puzzle top solve, they will absolutely love it. There’s nothing cooler than a T Rex, so if your son has shown an interest in building and assembling models, this cool dinosaur toy will be great for him.  All the pieces are made of sturdy natural wood, and there’s no gluing required; all he needs to do is follow the clear instructions.

But the puzzle is only half the fun with this cool dinosaur.  Once it is assembled, pop in some batteries and this turns into a cool robot toy for kids.  When turned on, it reacts to sounds, so if your kids make a loud noise, the dino bot will start to roar and walk around.

image of an assembled dinosaur using the 3D dinosaur set

41. Boys Spy Watch

Boys love toys that they can use to spy with. Sometimes the best things come in small packages, and this cool spy watch will be a wonderful gift for boys who like gadgets.  Before you know it, this watch will transform your little one into a mini James Bond.

This has 8 different features essential to every little secret agent, including world time, secret spy communications tools, a motion alarm and a decoder screen, all protected by armor. It also comes with 2 Message Capsules and Spy Paper and batteries.  Let your son make his own fun with this awesome gadget for kids.

image of a spy watch toy for boys in black and red color

42. Wall Climbing RC Car

There’s little ease that is going to delight a little boy than a great remote control car, but how about a remote control car that can drive up walls?  This gravity defying RC toy has two modes, floor and wall, and uses air suction technology to stay on a wall and speed across it, even pulling off 360 degree spins as it does!

This car has an infrared controller, and a very lightweight but sturdy body, which is just as well as we know your son is going to push this thing to its limits.  It also has red and blue LED lights, so he will enjoy using it late in the evening too.  If you’re looking for a present for a boy who loves RC toys, this is a great one to consider.

This is an image of a white wall climbing toy vehicle with remote control.

43. Frisbee Rings

Sometimes all it takes to get an inactive child off the couch and out in the fresh air is the right toy, and thee cool Frisbee are great at just that! As seen on TV, these Rings are some of the easiest Frisbees to throw in the entire world, so that are great for 6 year olds as they will get the hand of them in no time.  With one of these, a bunch of friends and a park, your child will be in for the time of their lives and some good exercise at the same time.

At just 33g, these best-selling flying toys are 80% lighter than standard frisbees, which means safe, comfortable catches and no worries about cut or hurt fingers.  They even float in water, so it’ll be much easier to find it again if it ends up in the lake!  Each set also comes with two frisbee rings, so you can keep one as a spare, or take them both out for some crazy games.

image of two frisbee rings in blue and red color

44. Kids Beginner Kite

If you are lucky enough to live near a park or a wide open space, why not get a kite for your little boy?  Flying kites is a classic hobby that all kids should get the chance to do at some point, so why not on his 6th birthday?

This kite is very easy to assemble, and it is made of high quality and weather resistant materials, so you can be confident that it won’t fall to pieces in the air.  It also has an extra-long, premium kite string (200′ vs. the usual 100′) and an easy-grip handle kite spool, making it perfect for a younger child. There is a kite bag, too, for easy storage and transport.  Your boy will probably still need a bit of help and instruction in order to get this flying, but this will definitely be a favorite toy for windy days at the park or the beach.

a picture of a kite with holder in rainbow color

45. Super Stadium Baseball

A lot of little boys love classic American sports, so any kind of sports game or simulator will make for brilliant toy for a boy.  This cool baseball set will be just brilliant for a Yankees, Dodgers or Red Sox fan, and know they can still play their favorite sport even when its raining or snowing outside.

By cleverly using magnets in its design, this set lets your kids control the ball and batting easily, and the pitcher even has control over curve balls and speed of the throw, so there is a bit of depth and nuance to this.  Your boys will get many hours of fun out of this, and who knows, maybe mom and dad might be tempted to join in the fun?

image of Super Stadium game set for boys

46. Butterfly Growing Kit

6 years old is also an age when little boys are fascinated with the world around them and eager to discover how nature works, so if your looking for an unusual gift for a little scientists, this butterfly growing kit will give them an education in biology as well as a lot of fun seeing their new friends grow from caterpillars to butterflies.

Coming with detailed instructions, this has everything your little biologist will need to watch one of the most spectacular transformations in nature. The caterpillars grow, harden into chrysalides and then transform into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies, after which your kids can set them free.

The only drawback here is that the live caterpillars have to be shipped separately with the voucher included in the set which makes it a bit inconvenient, but it seems to be worth it as kids just love this cool biology set.

This is an image of a butterfly garden kit for kids.

47. Pogo Stick for Boys

Does your little lad love to jump and bounce around?  Does he seem to have endless energy?  Why not let him put all that to good use with this amazing pogo stick?

This stick can handle children weighing from weighing 40lbs-90lbs, so it is perfect for a growing boy.  This has replaceable Anti-slip foot pads & safety foam handles, and everything is covered in foam in order to make it child safe.  It also has low friction industrial strength spring and a durable rubber tip to ensure that it is smooth and bouncy to ride.  Just be sure to get them a helmet and some safety pads, just in case.

Pogo stick in orange color for boys

48. Magic Kit for Boys

Most little boys have a bit of a mischievous side, and as long as that is channeled in the right way, there’s no problem with him being a little bit of a cheeky monkey from time to time.  One positive activity for a trickster is to entertain the family and friends with magic tricks, and this cool 12 trick set will be a great stepping stone on their way to becoming a great magician.

With easy to follow instructions, your boy will soon master some amazing ticks including magic coins, disappear dollar bills, vase tricks and more!

a pictre of Magic in a Snap! toy set

49. Boys Scooter

Riding a scooter should be part of every little boy’s childhood, as they love to ride and go fast, and a scooter is also very hand for getting to school or their friend’s house.  You don’t want to get a poorly made one, though, as they can easily hurt themselves if it falls to pieces while they are riding it.  So we recommend this Razor Scooter for your little boy as it is very durable and well made.

This is an image of a red scooter for kids..

50. HearthSong Rope Tunnel Bridge

This incredible outdoors Rope Tunnel Bridge from HearthSong is sure to impress any 6 year old! It is a fantastic and cool tunnel made from heavy duty weather resistant woven polyester rope, made for hours of fun in the back yard or garden. The rope tunnel bridge is designed to hang between two trees and is installed by adults using the included ratchets. With a maximum weight of 400lbs, it will encourage kids to get involved in active play while having tons of fun! Parents can install this rope tunnel right in their back yard and have a wonderful play zone ready to go, helping kids to build strength while enjoying this fun activity.   

this is an image of a rope tunnel bridge for kids.

51. RoyalBaby Freestyle Bike

Is your 6 year old interested in learning to ride a bike? This cool and colorful kids’ bike from Royalbaby is sure to encourage them to get out and cycle. It comes with heavy duty training wheels to help your kid grow in confidence while they get comfortable with the bike. The training wheels are also designed to dampen noise, so your little one can stay aware and hear clearly while riding. This sporty bike is designed to look stylish, with its bright orange frame and black and white accents. It comes with a bell, water bottle, and quick release seat post that makes it easy to adjust the height of the saddle as your kid grows. This bike looks cool but is also sturdy and functional, with a steel frame, full chain guard to keep little fingers safe, and custom Royalbaby tire tread.  

this is an image of a freestyle kid’s bike.

52. Toy Story Activity Table

6 year olds can be busy little kids, but even the most energetic kids like to sit down and have quiet activity time sometimes. Give your little one a perfect place for story time or creative play with this activity table set and two chairs from Jakks Pacific. The table features bright and colorful graphics inspired by the movie Toy Story, which is sure to appeal to kids. The two chairs have padded seats so they will be comfortable for little ones, and feature locking mechanism to ensure safety. The table has a large surface area of 24” by 24”, so it will be the perfect place for kids to draw, write, eat, or read. The table is wipeable vinyl and folds down for easy and compact storage. 

this is an image of an activity table with 2 chairs.

53. SoRock Birthday Boy Shirt

What kid would not love this bright birthday shirt from SoRock? Your little one can tell the whole world that it’s his birthday by wearing this colorful shirt featuring a ‘Birthday Boy’ slogan. The super soft polyester and cotton blend makes this shirt comfortable for little kids to wear, and the fabric is designed for minimal shrinkage. The slogan lettering is made from soft raised flock material. Perfect for birthday photos, the bright colors in the shirt and slogan really pop. This special birthday shirt will make your kid the center of attention at school, his birthday party, family get togethers, and more events. This shirt is made in the USA.  

this is an image of a blue birthday boy t-shirt.

There’s something here for all types of boys aged 6 years old, including toys, electronics, learning games and so much more.  We’ve also chosen gifts to fit all budgets, whether you are looking for a small, inexpensive gift for a friend’s birthday party or a major gift for your son, you’ll find it here. Finding the best toys for 6 year old boys is what we do here at StarWalkKids.

Considerations when choosing a present for 6 year old boy

When your little boy is turning 6, he’ll probably be in his first or second year at school. It can be a good idea to choose toys and gifts which will help with his education and learning or help with his school life. You might want to choose something to help him with a particular skill, or an interest which he has. such as a sporting gift or maybe a book on a subject he is interested in. This could be a tech gift, such as a programming game, or a unique toys like a STEM building set.

Finding toys for boy age six years old can be challenging as they often want to be like their dads or older brothers, so might enjoy toy tools, along with accessories to go with it. There are some really cool stem toys that have nuts, bolts and so on that let these little men build some crazy contraptions. Therefore, a toy tool set and accessories can be an excellent gift for a boy’s 6th birthday.

Help finding a gift for 6 year old boy who has everything

Some children have loads of different types of gifts and finding something special for them can be challenging. Some good tips that someone should follow when trying to find a gift for a kid is; does he have something similar to this already and if so, what is there that he doesn’t currently have. Look at the large range of toys and items he already has and try to find something new. Kids love Vbucks and Youtube is becoming very popular, so maybe giving he some Vbucks might be something that is worth considering. However, I personally would try to find kids funny gifts which gets loads of laughs and something they can play with their friends.

Aqua RC Boat for Boys

Another great RC boat that will capture the attention of a 6 year old boy is the AA Aqua. This bright red boat is a stunner on the waters and makes a great gift for any occasion a six year old would celebrate! 

If your 6 year old loves being outside then they will love racing this boat. It’s anti-capsize system helps the boat stay up right in the water, making it a lot easier for your son or grandson to drive and keep on playing. You can have one too and put them head to head to race and see who comes out a winner. This boat makes for an exciting present and the possibilities for fun are endless with it.

this is an image of a red Altair AA Aqua RC Boat

Here are some other great suggestions: