April 15, 2010

Tab-ulous Details

Thank you all SO much for your kind response to our hair accessories!  I feel like I've got a team cheering me on!  Thanks, guys!  As I mentioned, Loopdeelou should be up and running online next week.

Today we're doing a simply sewing project that can be used in a few different places.  We're making tabs.  I saw a sweater at Anthro a few months ago that looked like this and I thought I'd add tabs to the sweater I already had to spice it up a bit.  You can also use these tabs on sleeves, as I did HERE.  (And no, this isn't the only fabric I have.  I just like it a lot.)

So, here we go.

1) Cut out four strips of fabric, all the same size.  (Mine were 2.5 inches by 6.5 inches.)

2) Sew them together, leaving out one side to invert.  Clip your corners, invert, sew the open end, and press your tabs with an iron.

3) Put on your shirt and pin the tabs exactly where you want them to go.  Stitch them on with a few stitches (where the button will conceal them).

4) Sew on your buttons.  You're done!

So, no more mirror pictures.  I figured out how to use the timer on my camera.  (I know you're all relieved!)

This project took almost no time and now my cardigan is a little more exciting.  I love little details on clothing!  They can make all the difference.


  1. Oh that is super ingenious! I absolutely love that fabric too! Where did you get it from?

  2. It's an Amy Butler print I ordered online through etsy.

  3. Nice Tabs! hee hee!

  4. Love the idea and can I just say that you are a very beautiful woman!

  5. This might be a project I can actually sew! Thanks for posting!

  6. What the devil woman! You are killing me with all these fun little projects. And the list grows longer! Good work Pretty Lady! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day - you made my day! Smiles, JEN

  7. Those little tabs make a BIG difference! I love it! :)

  8. This is perfect for my new boring maternity "BLA" cartigan! I just can't stay away from your tutorials girl. -Marie

  9. Anonymous16.4.10

    great idea!

  10. Nice!
    I don't have the lovely drapey cardi, though... I'll have to make one!

  11. Very cute! The tab makes a regular old cardigan look fresh and new.


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