May 13, 2010

Scrappy Belt and a WINNER!

I love the big chunky belts that are worn up high.  You see them everywhere.  I also love finding way to use my old clothes and fabrics. about a scrappy belt and we'll kill two birds with one stone?  I made this belt using my old t-shirts.  It looks great on a dress, over a cardigan, or on a tunic.

I started with a pile of scraps.  I picked ones that I thought coordinated fairly well.

For the main part of the belt I cut a t-shirt into three strips.  The first one was the widest and then each one got a little thinner.  I cut one of the seams out, so I was left with three strips - not loops.

Then I sewed them all together using s zigzag stitch (so the belt will still be stretchy).  I wanted the thread to show so the belt would have that scrappy, messy look.

Next I took some strips of the other fabrics to make the flowers.  See how I laid it in a rippled, circular shape?  It doesn't need to be perfect.

When I liked the way it looked I sewed a circle over it, then I did that again with another layer.  On top I stitched an "X."

Here are all the flowers close up.  I added leaves with the green fabric and only stitched them down in the middle so it would have some movement and texture.  I added one button, but you could add more if you wanted to.  I used velcro to close the belt.  I have a belt that snaps in tha back, but the snaps bug my back when I lean back, so I thought velcro would be more comfortable.

I like it paired a lot of different ways, but I actually made it to go with a dress refashion I'm doing that you'll see next week.  Can you handle waiting?  Oh, the intensity! 

And now........we have a sword winner AND an anthro-inspired necklace winner.  Here you go!

The winner of the sword 3-pack is number #97 (mooniebutt) who said:

How fun! Red, blue and pirate!!

The necklace winner is #19 (TOSHeidi) who said:

I think my 16-year-old would steal this from me if I won, but I'm trying anyway. :) Too cute!

If you won, SEND ME AN E-MAIL with your address and your prize will be one it's way.  And thanks again to Amy from All Boy House on Etsy for such a great giveaway!  Have a great day!


  1. Anonymous13.5.10

    So cute! I'm definitely gonna try this!

  2. great idea - it looks great on you too!

  3. This is gorgeous! Would love to have you link up with my Sugar & Spice Party!

  4. cute cute cute. of course.
    Andrea @

  5. So cute! I love the flowers!

  6. I love the flowers. I needed a few ideas for some bows for the girlies. Thanks. I would wear that every day of the week if it made my waist look like yours. I'm still interested in seeing your ribbon version from J Crew.

  7. Looks so sweet! I love the colors!! :)

  8. you did awesome - so creative and I agree with your sis - your waist is fantabulous!

  9. That's fabulous and so pretty - love how it came out : ) The colors are just perfect with the black and white striped shirt!

  10. this is adorable! i want one!

  11. Anonymous14.5.10

    i really like that idea. i love using old t-shirts for things. they are so versatile!

  12. You are so stinkin amazing!!! SO cute. Love them.

  13. Great idea and wonderful accessory. Wish I still had a waist! Just found you through Alisa Burke and am now an avid fan. Love your stuff!!!

  14. Hey I just found your blog.. I have a question: what does the back of the belt look like? did you just sew it together do these stretch out easy? PS I am loving browsing what you've done! THANK YOU!


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