July 27, 2010

Hair Week: Hair-do's

Thank you guys so much for your excited and kind comments from yesterday's hair post.  If you try something out and like it, you can add it to the You Roared Flickr group, even though it's not a crafted item.  I'm super excited about today's post.  I think we all need hair ideas for something more than a ponytail. 

While I was recording myself the other day, my husband was lingering around and I didn't know why.  Little did I know what he was up to.  I thought it would only be fair to show you the unedited version of his sense of humor.  Don't worry - you won't see anything you shouldn't because the camera angle was perfect.  He's crazy, but I sure love him.

Okay, back to the hair.  Here's the actual tutorial now for this braided front style.  I like this style because you can do it even when your hair is too short for a ponytail.

Here's one more thing I like to do to spice up a ponytail.  It's a super easy twist.

 While I was brainstorming ideas for Hair Week, I thought I'd see what YouTube had to offer.  I found these tutorials by Johnny Lavoy from Ford models.  They are fabulous.  If you want to see more of his tutorials, click HERE.  Great stuff.  Here are a few of his that I really liked:

Fancy-Schmancy Up-do, but Super Easy:

A Modern Look for a Plain Pony Tail

This one is a little more in-depth, but I had to show it to you because I thought it was so pretty.

Bohemian Braid

Jo from To A Pretty Life offered to show us a style she loves.  Here is her fun look.  I always like to have a good style that pulls all my hair up in the hot summer.  Click HERE to see how she does it.

Jo's Messy Up-do

Alright now ladies!  Go do your hair!  No more plain ponytails!

See you tomorrow!


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