July 30, 2011

Soapbox Saturday - Black and Decker Steam Mop Review and GIVEAWAY!

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Black and Decker and asked if I'd like to review their Steam Mop.  I've never had a steam mop, but my sisters have raved about them so I was excited to try it out.  I received the mop for free, with no other compensation.  The opinions are all mine.

Here's what we liked:

- You turn on the mop and it only takes 15 seconds until it's ready to roll.  (Plus, my kids love how it lights up when it's ready :)

- The swiveling head makes it easy to maneuver around corners.  It's not very tall, so it's also easy to get underneath things with it.  (Hmmm...just like my kids.)

- It only uses water.  I like not needing soap or products with chemicals.  It kills 99.9% of germs with just water.  Sweet.

- It uses little water.  I had envisioned not liking the mop because I thought the floors would get really wet.  The mop just uses a little steam and it evaporates really quickly - a lot faster than my regular mop.

- It comes with more than one pad so you always have one when the other is in the laundry.  Nice.  They are also easy to remove and throw in the wash.

What I didn't like:

- It still takes some work to get the really dirty spots off.  I thought the steam would almost magically remove the dirt, but you still do have to go over the dirty spots a few times.

- Steam mops are okay for "sealed hardwood floors," but to be honest, I'm not sure if ours are sealed or not so I'm sticking to the tiled areas for now.

Overall, we give the Black and Decker Steam Mop two thumbs up.  Now, who wants to win one?

You can enter only ONCE by leaving a comment here about the biggest mess you ever had to clean up.  (No need to get too graphic in your descriptions :)  Please include your email address is your profile isn't linked to it.  That way I can contact you if you win.

You can read more about the Steam Mop HERE and you can find Black and Decker on facebook HERE.
Thanks for dropping in.


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