July 23, 2011

Soapbox Saturday - Daily Bread and a DISCOUNT!

Ever since I came remember, our church has advised people to have a "food storage."  I remember labeling cans and stocking the basement as a child.  Why would anyone do that?  Well, the reasoning behind it is similar to the boy scout motto: BE PREPARED.  Anyone can turn on the news today and hear about earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, droughts, job lay-offs, you name it.  While we cannot predict the future for ourselves we definitely CAN do our best to prepare.

Several weeks ago I had a man knock on my door and tell me about "Daily Bread."  I wasn't really familiar with them before, but I talked with him for a little while and did some research on my own afterwards.  Daily Bread is a company that sells food storage.  I'm excited to tell you more about them and share what I've learned.  You may be familiar with some food storage companies, but there are a few things I LOVE about Daily Bread in particular.

- Their food has a 25 YEAR SHELF LIFE!!!  My husband and I have struggled with out own personal food storage because we'll buy a lot of something, slowly use it, forget to replace it, etc.  Or we'll buy something and forget about it until it's outdated.  Dailybread’s food comes in fully prepared meals with real meat and vegetables that are guaranteed to last at least 25 years. It gives families a way to complete their food storage without ever having to rotate it or throw it away.  Genius!

- Their food tastes really good.  It's freeze dried.  You can even make it in the bag it comes in.  All you do is add hot or cold water, so it’s very simple to prepare.  I sampled the lasagna and I was shocked.  To be totally honest, I expected it to be nasty.  It was great.  Rex and I fought over the last bites :)

- Their food doesn't take up much storage room.  The food is very light weight and compact so you can move and store it just about anywhere.

We all know the economy is difficult.  We've cringed as gas prices rise.  The National Inflation Association says that out of control food pricing is going to be next.  Stocking up now might be a wise idea.

Now let's talk details and deals.  The average cost per serving of a normal freeze dried meal when bought at a camping or emergency supply store is anywhere from $5 to $8, but because Daily Bread sells in bulk the average cost per serving is in the $2.30 range.

They sell packages, based on a family of 5.  Think of what you'd normally spend on 3 months of meals for a family of five. Now, these are meals that are fully prepared and last 25 years.  Their normal pricing is as follows. 

My contact, Brett, has offered to give all of you a group discount off any package.  You can pick up your food for free if you’re located in Utah county, but if you want it shipped to you, Brett will also knock ½ off the shipping price through this special bulk deal.  He will also give you a discount on their a la Carte menu (after you've purchased a package).  Call Brett directly to order your package.  He can be reached at 801-317-5848.  You can contact him with any questions you might have.  The deal is available through August.


Whether or not you buy a package of food in this way, I recommend stocking up on food storage.  It's a great way to prepare for uncertainty in a difficult economy, giving you and your family peace of mind.

Thanks for reading.


Katie said...

I rarely leave comments that criticize, but this is just strange for me. I grew up eating freshly prepared food, supplemented with canned items (most of which were canned by family). I have never heard it preached to keep a huge store of food either... maybe it's because of where I live. The land gives food in abundance.

I also am shocked at the cost of something a person would buy just in case. And what if you never use the food within 25 years? Plus, as a vegetarian, I notice how lacking they are in options for someone who does not consume animal products.

I guess this is just another indication of how our society is progressing and that makes me sad. The majority of the food sold by this company can be easily made from scratch and for less. Freeze dried oatmeal?? For $2.30 a serving? So much cheaper to buy oats and prepare them.

iammommahearmeroar said...

The idea is all about emergency preparedness. It's not because you currently lack fresh food. It's to use if there is an earthquake or natural disaster, etc. I understand that the concept is new to a lot of people, but it is something I really believe in.

Alice said...

I can't wait to try this stuff. It is a great comfort to know you have food to use whenever your budget is tight or you are in a hurry to make something good. I have always been a fan of being prepared and never regretted it. Thanks for the tips Cheri.

Cc Afemata said...

I personally think that this is a GREAT idea... the whole food storage is new to me as well.. but for the price that you pay in the long run and in and emergency where food is low and not as much as an abundance as we think it is... this is absolutely worth it.... so there is no criticizing here :-) have a GREAT day :-)

The Miller Five said...

Thanks for the great info Cheri. My family has been doing food storage for as long as I can remember. We've got a stash at our place, but probably not what we would actually need in the event of an emergency. Speaking of which, does a government shutdown constitute an emergency? LOL....hope you're having a good weekend!

Brit said...

Food storage isn't just for natural emergencies but it is also good for when times are tough or when jobs are lost. I remember my family had to use food storage when my dad lost his job and it helped us out a lot.

Strommer Family said...

Hi "Roaring Momma",
You may never get this comment as you've probably already read all of your comments, but I just wanted to put my plug in for another food storage company that also has wonderfully tasting freeze-dried food, BUT you don't have to buy it all at once...you get set up on a queue (think Netflix for food storage) with everything that it says that a family of 2,5,10,etc. would need for however long YOU want to stock up for....and then sends it to bits at a time...just a way to get all that wonderful,needed emergency preparedness without hefting the $2000 or so right up front...also I know that you reside there in the lovely west (unlucky for me,I'm in the far Northeast!! ;) ) so I'm sure you've heard of the company already, but Shelf Reliance is a wonderful option I think for those who can't front the entire package price up front but still gets you your food storage "line upon line, precept upon precept" (sorry for the cheesy Saturday's Warrior reference!!) ;)

Unknown said...

I don't know if Katie would ever read this, but I'd say her comment is more indictive of society at the current than this post is. Storing food that will last a long time in case of lean or hard times is an idea that is old, old, old. Look in the Bible at the story of Joseph, translating the king's dream to advise him to store up extra grain from seven rich years to have food available for the seven lean years that followed. Or a little (lol) more current, a lot of the old folks I know who were around during World War 2 tend to hold on to literally everything, from food storage to buttons and string, Just In Case. Having lived through lean times during a war, they put value in storing up just in case times were lean. :)

dannyandbrewright said...

I was really interested in this post! My husband actually works for daily bread and has since the beginning! My brother in law is one of the founders... it truly is AMAZING stuff! Truly a great way to get your food storage and not have to worry about it. @strommer family... Shelf Reliance says they are all a freeze dried company but not all of their meals are freeze dried. Daily Bread started selling food storage this way... they are THE best place to get your food storage. You definitely get what you pay for. Also, I'm sure with the 10% discount Brett is offering you won't be able to do a monthly payment plan. Daily Bread does offer this plan though. No interest, just whatever amount you can pay each month that amount of food will be shipped to your house each month. Anyway, that's my little schpill on DB. Love it and encourage all to at least look into it! :)

Katie said...

@Laura, I actually did read your comment. My point on our society today is based on the use of pre-prepped and processed food versus the use of fresh food. Your examples are based on storage of food grown by the people who will be eating it. I grew up and have lived in the midwest, where farming is the way of life for most people. I cook from scratch and really think it's ridiculous that a company would sell some of these items at a higher cost than it would be to buy them yourself and make them. For the quoted $2.30 average price per serving, I could buy almost 3 lbs of oats for the same cost. Why keep freeze dried oats that are expensive? It seems financially wasteful to me. Hence, our society today.

My criticism isn't with Cheri or the idea of storing food. It's with the presentation of this company (yes, I did check out their website in length before I commented) and this reason for storage. I grew up with home canned foods, which is storage of food, but not for reasons of an emergency. What else would you do with excess produce from your garden?

I've been through varies emergency situations and have never had the need for something like this. I was unexpectedly laid off of my job a couple years ago and faced with a tight financial budget. However, the way of eating I'm accustomed to did not strain me at all. There are also massive floods in my city nearly every year and I was forced to evacuate from my home. In that case, food storage like this would not have been a help to me. What did help was family that I stayed with who were not near the flooding. If not for them, my community was doing all it could to help.

In my opinion and my life, spending that much money on a maybe does not make sense. It may to you, and that's fine. I just don't get it myself.

Jasmin said...

I thought the reason for the LDS Church and food storage was because of the second coming of Christ? Am I mistaken?

Gabrielle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
iammommahearmeroar said...

Jasmin - I wouldn't say that food storage is related to the second coming in our beliefs. It is more a matter of being prepared for natural disasters, which seem to be more and more common. Floods, famines, tornados, earthquakes, etc. We believe in being prepared and being self reliant to the best of our abilities.

Beyond religious beliefs, I personally think it's just plain smart. Call me crazy, but it makes sense to me :)

Krissy D. said...

Okay, i'm going to get a little crazy conspiracy-apocalypse style for a moment... I don't think that most people realize that everything that we eat in America is either 1) shipped to us from other countries or 2) grown from genetically modified seeds. That essentially means that the seeds you get in your food will not germinate. Which means if something big ever happened and our commercial growers in the USA couldn't produce as much food as they do now - we're SCREWED. You can't just take seeds from the plants you have (even if you purchased seeds, grew plants and took seeds from THOSE plants) and grow new ones! The seeds that WILL produce more fruits are called heirloom seeds and they are hard to come by. You can't just buy them at a gardening store. I think it is HUGELY important for a family to be prepared and to keep food storage AND to store heirloom seeds. I am not LDS, i am just a person who tries to think realistically about the state of our earth and our country. It never hurts to be prepared, but it might someday very much hurt to NOT be prepared.

Leigh Anne said...

Thanks for letting us know about this, Cheri. I'm with you on emergency preparedness and I think it is wise. This sounds like a good way to go :)


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