February 03, 2012

A Long, Long Week.

While I'd love to show you a fun tutorial today, it's just been one of those weeks.  Tuesday I woke up with a horrible cold.  Since I knew I was going to be home all day I got a little bold and decided we'd take a swing at potty training Baden.  Here's our last few days in numbers.

12 changes of clothing due to wet pants
2 clogged toilets (you don't want details)
567 used tissues (from me)
15 hours spent in the bathroom waiting
2 actual occurrences of pee going in the potty like it should
16 readings of "the Potty Train"

On a good note, after three days home I finally left the house last night.  Yay!  And Baden is learning to hold it so that he isn't really wetting his undies now.  When he finally went in the potty for the first time I think Rex was just as excited as me.  It was so cute.  He asked Baden if he could give him a snuggle.  They hugged and he said, "I'm SO proud of you, Baden!" 

And just because this post is kind of boring....how about some Pinterest love.  Have you ever noticed that not everything you see on Pinterest works?  Just saying :)  Have any of you tried this?  Eye shadow mixed with clear polish to make matte nail polish?  Looks fun.  (Tried to link it, but I lost the link!)

This is clever.

And Pinterest always has something to make me laugh - like this....

...or this.

It's kind of late as I'm writing this post, so I'm not sure these are all quite as funny as I think they are right now.  I need some sleep.  Thanks for dropping in.


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