March 31, 2012

Sharing Saturday - Pinterest....the good and the bad

Pinterest.  Not long ago it wasn't even a term.  Now it's huge.  Pinterest has made a massive impact on the blogging world.  I thought it would be fun to have a little discussion about it with all of you.  What's your take on Pinterest?

I'll get the conversation started.  Here are my immediate thoughts.

the GOOD:

1) Traffic.  Obviously traffic is good for everyone with a blog or web site.  People are finding your blog when they might never have before.  That rocks.

2) Giving the smaller blogs a good launch pad.  When I first started blogging I looked at those big blogs and wondered how I'd ever be seen.  I think Pinterest gives you a shot you might never have had.  A really great project can get spread like wildfire.

3) It's just plain fun.  Who doesn't love looking over their pretty little pin board or sifting through gorgeous images of clothing, beaches, or adorable baby animals?

4) A plethora of ideas.  It's so awesome to be able to look for inspiration there.  It's like someone sifted out most of the ugly, weird stuff you'd find doing a search on google because everything on Pinterest has been pinned because someone really liked it.  It makes for a pretty amazing search engine.

the BAD:

1) Who IS Pinterest?  Let me explain.  When someone wants to share an idea they found on Pinterest, they often only link the Pinterest link and often only give credit to Pinterest.  It's as if Pinterest is some phenomenally-creative girl who has created everything in existence.  I feel like the original creator of a project often gets overlooked.

2) Bye bye time.  It's easy to waste away an hour without even realizing it.

3) Unrealistic visions.  Sometimes I wonder if it's a good thing to pin everything you lust after.  Maybe you could create a pin board of gratitude, pinning all the great stuff you already have in your life?  Just a thought.  I have pin boards too, so I'm not trying to make a judgement.  I'm just throwing out an idea.

For example, I'm not a fan of all the half naked women being pinned.  Being fit is great, but we all whine about thin models and the world's relentless push to be thin and then it seems like that's what everyone is pinning.

4) Every pin board has a pooper.  (You know what I a party pooper.)  It seems like every time there is a popular pin that someone has to shoot it down.  Can't we all just get along :) ?

So what are your thoughts?  Are you addicted to Pinterest?  Have you avoided it like the plague because you've heard it's addictive?  Do you benefit from the traffic?  Do you wonder what life was like before Pinterest?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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