May 24, 2012

Silhouette deal AND a Dairy Man Tee

Today I have a Silhouette promo for you and it's a fun one.  Here are the details.

You get a Silhouette Cameo.....

....and their sweet tote to carry it....

....all for $309.99.
(Or if you already have the Silhouette, you can pick up the tote for $54.99.)

You have to go HERE to get the deal and then use the code "ROAR."  The offer ends May 31st.

They sent me the tote to check out.  I had only seen the pictures online, but I was really impressed by the quality of it.  It's BIG and it has lots of padding and velcro inserts, much like a camera bag.  It holds everything you might need - the Cameo, cutting mats, a laptop, etc.

It has nice wheels.  That's how they roll :)

It kinds of screams "I'm ready for a crafting girls night out."  

(Sidenote: I'm trying out fake glasses just because I think they are fun.  I like them, but I'm wondering if I'm too old for this trend.  Verdict is still out.)  

Okay, I never like to post a promo without showing you something I've made recently with my Silhouette.  I really use this puppy a lot.  I just made this t-shirt for Baden.

This little guy would eat only cheese, yogurt, and milk if I'd let him.  I actually grew up in Wisconsin, where the license plates say "America's Dairy Land," so I made him this shirt that says "America's Dairy Man."  I used the Silhouette to cut freezer paper (which you can find the tutorial for HERE).  Then I blotted on fabric paint with a sponge, to give it the aged look.

That's all for today.  If you want to take advantage of the Silhouette promo go HERE and use the code "ROAR."

Thanks for dropping in.


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