July 26, 2012

Roar Tee AND a Silhouette Promo

RANDOM QUESTION BEFORE WE START:  Did any of you take advantage of the spend $20 at World Market and get a 15% off a Southwest airlines flight when I posted about it?  Did any of you do it and you don't need the code/coupon?  If you have a code that you aren't using will you drop me an email and I will be forever grateful?  Thanks!  Okay, back to normal stuff.

Back when I picked the name for this blog I chose I Am Momma Hear Me Roar for a lot of reasons.  First off, I wanted to think of motherhood as empowering rather than restricting.  But, I also love the word "roar" because with two boys that's a word I actually hear a LOT.  Mr. Roar always tucks in Rex first and then I try to sneak into his room without him seeing me.  If I'm successful, I jump up and "roar" to see if I can scare him.  Anyhow, there's a lot of roaring at our house.

So I thought I'd use my Silhouette and the Silhouette fabric interfacing to make an appliquéd "ROAR" tee.  Here's how it turned out.

And here's how it looks on my roaring little man.  

Alright, now on to the details AND if you're looking to purchase a Silhouette, there's a great promo at the end of the post.

It was a quick, easy project.  I purchased a blank tee and got out some scrap fabric and my Silhouette fabric interfacing.

The interfacing looks like paper, but one side has a bumpy glue layer.  You stick the glue side onto the wrong side of your fabric and iron the paper side for a couple of seconds.

I let it cool for a minute and then peel off the paper.  The fabric will have a smooth, rubbery, shiny backing.

You put the rubbery side down on the cutting mat.

I chose the sewable interfacing.  The clean cut one seems to literally cut the fabric more cleanly, but I like to be able to reinforce the bond with sewing.  The clean cut is great for a pillow or something you don't plan on really washing.  

My fabric was canvas, which is a bit thicker, so I set the blade to a higher number than what is normal for the fabric interfacing.  There were only couple tiny spots that didn't cut all the way through and had it been lightweight cotton it probably would have cut perfectly.

For the design I just erased the middle parts of the letters on my layout, because I liked the look of the letters appliquéd like that.  On the designer software, the eraser it really easy to use.  It's the improvement that I enjoy the most.

After cutting the letters I ironed them on the shirt and then I outlined them with a zigzag stitch in orange.

Warning: Wearing this ROAR tee boosts the cool factor....

....and may cause random, spontaneous roaring.  Please plan accordingly.

And now for the Silhouette promo.

For $269.99 you'll receive a Silhouette CAMEO,

a 24"x12" cutting mat (and the normal 12"x12" one as well),

a pack of the sewable interfacing,

 a pack of the clean cut interfacing,

 AND the brand new fabric blade (which I don't even have yet!),
and a $10 download card.  Holy huge deal!

If you already have the CAMEO and you want to buy the interfacing AND the 12"x24" mat you can get it both for $29.99.

To cash in on the deal go HERE and then use the code "ROAR."
You have until the 31st of July to use the promo.

Thanks for reading.


Palak said...

I love what you said about motherhood being empowering instead of limiting. I remember feeling that way when I got married. Really, I do think that kids and husbands get a bad rap as being anchors-- I have grown so much since having both! :)

~ko said...

Your little guy is too cute! Love the shades and the shirt is awesome!

Jess Cox said...

Ahh I love his face! Such a cool shirt too!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Oh sweet, I will have to check out the fabric blade. I have tried fabric, and not had a ton of success. I need to spend some time really figuring it out, but with an infant it's not a priority! :) I love the roar shirt. Very cool

The Simmons Family said...

Love! :)

The Wilkins' said...

So cute! Love the orange stitching. Where did you buy that v-neck tee from? I love a little boy in a V! :)


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