August 04, 2012

Soapbox Saturday - Companies and Organizations that Give Back

Today I wanted to share with you a few companies or organizations that give back.  It's always refreshing to find people who are trying to do good.  So, here are three recent finds I thought you might like.

1) Laabn. Social Haircare.  I love the concept of this company.  It's a haircare line with a different message - one that supports authentic beauty.  Each bottle is branded with a number - the number of dollars that go to charity when you purchase it.

You get to choose the charity and they have a huge list of options.

I recently tried out a few of their products.  The "Cleanse" shampoo was my favorite.  Their products are very high quality.

2) Quilt It With Love - The Project Linus Story.  Many of you have probably heard of Project Linus - a nonprofit organization that delivers handmade blankets to ill or traumatized children.

The book, "Quilt It with Love" shares 20 quilt patterns and stories.  It's filled with heart-felt letters and patterns that range from beginner level to intermediate.  

Some of the quilts have fun interactive elements - like this sock quilt that allows you to keep things in the socks.

Some are simple and beautiful.

I thought this house one was really cute.  The shades on the windows pull up so you can peek underneath.

You can pre-order the book HERE on Amazon.  You could purchase the book, make one of the quilts, and donate it to Project Linus.  I think it's such a beautiful idea.  In fact, it might be time to try my hands at quilting.

3) So I decided to do a little more research on companies that give back and I found THIS ARTICLE, stating that on the list of companies that give the most (based on the percentage of pre-tax profits) that Kroger is always at the top.  

In fact they have a 15-year-old rewards program you can find HERE.  Basically, you carry a Kroger loyalty card and pick the charity of your choice.  When you swipe your card 2-5% goes to that charity.  Isn't that cool?

While I've seen the Kroger brand a lot, I wasn't sure what store that meant here in Utah, but if you go to the Kroger site you can hit the store locator to find out which stores that works at.  For me it's most of the Smith's.  Check it out for your area.

I think it's awesome to support those companies and organizations who support others.  It's win-win.  Thanks for reading.

Disclosure: I was give the hair products shown and the book at no cost.  However, I chose to write about them because I love it when people try to do good things.


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