April 01, 2013

A New Header and Other Business

We had a packed weekend.  Whew!  It was so nice to have time with family, though.  I hope you all had a great Easter.  Thank you for your helpful comments on Saturday's post.  You got the wheels turning for me.

I don't have a Mommy School project to share today, but I did squeeze in a little time to make a new header.  I wanted to switch it up a little for spring.  Plus, I got my boys to wear their bow ties to church yesterday and since they were all dressed up I figured it would be great to get a fun picture.

Here's a bigger picture of the one I used in the header.

Since Google Reader is going to die in July I just made the switch to Bloglovin.  I've heard people say they love it, so I'm trying it out.  I also added a button (just after the followers button) that allows you to subscribe easily to my blog through bloglovin.  Since anyone in the reader will have to make a switch I thought it might make it a little easier.  It also imports all your google reader blogs for you when you sign up, which made me super happy because I sure didn't want to have to try and type them all in.

I have some fun t-shirts the boys and I made to show you tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.


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