December 17, 2013

Ruby and Elsa (and a printable)

Can I tell you a story today?  It's really special to me.

Remember how we struggled for a long time to have Elsa?  Well, when we were going through that my friend Christie was going through the same struggle.  I first came to know Christie through her blog, but we've gotten together in real life a bit as well.  I remember getting together a year and a half ago and meeting at a park to talk about that very struggle.  I told her about the fertility tests we had gone through, as she was about to go through the same ones.

Christie is one of the kindest people I know.  She is so honest and sincere.  I just love her.  Well as September rolled around that year I found out I was expecting.  I was beyond thrilled.  I was also really sick.  I remember emailing Christie about something and mentioning that I was pregnant.  I was a little nervous because even though I knew she would be happy for me I wondered if it would make her sad since she had been trying to conceive for so long.

I remember sitting at Arctic Circle, letting my kids play in the playland there so I could just sit still.  I was so nauseous.  I checked my email on my phone and I noticed there was one from Christie.  I started to read it.  This was the first and only time I've ever cried at a fast food restaurant.  Christie was pregnant too and her due date was the EXACT same day as mine.  I still get emotional now as I think about it.  It was such a tender mercy.

Christie and I both ended up finding out we were having girls.  We both ended up having our girls on June 5th.  (I was induced and she had a C-section.)  We both even had our baby blessing the same day.

Christie's beautiful girl is named Ruby.  I still haven't met her in person, but her pictures are adorable and she seems like the happiest little girl with some real spunk too.

Well, Ruby was born with a major heart condition.  You can read about it HERE on Christie's blog.  And today Ruby is having open heart surgery.  She's only six months old.  And I want to help.  I think about how I would feel taking Elsa in to have surgery like that.  There aren't even words to explain how I would feel.  And I think about the medical bills, too.  Christie and her family are very strong people, but even strong people need help.

So today if you'd like to help here are a few things you can do.

1) Instagram a picture of a heart and hashtag it #loveforruby.  Christie will be able to see all the hearts and people who are thinking of her and Ruby today.  (That was organized by some thoughtful blogging friends.)

2) Leave a message on a facebook page those friends created for her HERE.

3) Purchase this printable I created below for $5.  I'll tell you more about it below.  Just send the money to Christie's paypal account.  Forward your receipt to me and I'll email you the file.  Her email address for the paypal account is and that's all the info you need to send her the $5.

So here's the printable.  It's based off the sign I made HERE.  You can order with a black or white background.

You can print it huge at Staples for about $3.  Just like I did with this file.  Read how HERE.

You can print it huge and frame it like I did HERE.

Or you can print it as a 4x6 photo and frame it.

Print all you want.  Gift it for Christmas.  And by doing that you can also help Ruby and her family.  It's a win-win.  

And thank you for reading my story today.


valentinegirl said...

will be thinking of sweet Ruby today!

Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

I love you, Cheri!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

I've been reading both your blogs, and was so excited and amazed when you ended up having your girls on the same day! I am definitely keeping Ruby and the doctors/her family in my prayers today! What a scary, scary, thing---but so amazing they can do this to somebody so young! :)

Ashley said...

Thank you for doing this for this lovely little girl. Should the paypal transaction be done as "paying for goods and services" or "sending money to friends and family"?

iammommahearmeroar said...

I would choose "sending money to friends and family" or I think paypal takes a cut. Thanks for asking!


Kristen said...

I sent them a message through their instagram feed this morning...but thought maybe it would be worth reaching out through you as well. My name is Kristen, and I too had a little girl that was born with a CHD. My sweet Charlotte had surgery at 1 week, 2 weeks and again at 8 months old. She was doing extremely well when suddenly...unexpectedly and out of the blue...God decided that he needed her back with Him. That was May 31, 2011...just 2 weeks after her 1st birthday. In an attempt to continue to give Charlotte's time on Earth purpose, we started a foundation known as Charley's Heart ( One of the things that we do is send hand made sock monkeys to kiddos who are preparing for or recovering from surgery/other heart related procedures or to those stuck in the hospital (more info on the website). I would absolutely LOVE to send one to sweet Ruby and would just need a shipping address. Do you think that they would be open to that? If so, feel free to email me at or Sending all of our love and extra prayers their direction today and in the days to come. I know that there is one little girl watching over her fellow heart warrior from the Heavens as well. Thanks for sharing sweet Ruby.

Emily said...

What is the email we send the receipt to?

Ashlee said...

I've been a reader for white awhile. I had a miscarriage last year, so we were thrilled when we found out we were expecting. He was born the end of October and they heard a murmur and took him to a hospital an hour away and he had open heart surgery at 2 days old. Luckily I was released from the hospital so I could be there for that, so my heart goes out to them. But we are currently paying our medical bills on my almost 2 month old baby. Grateful for technology but no mom wants to go through that.

The Elephant of Surprise said...

What a wonderful post and gesture. I will head over to the paypal account!

Аленушка said...

Wish this little angel be ok. I'll pray for her.
Aljonushka from faraway Belarus

iammommahearmeroar said...

Emily said...

No, sorry. Your email to get the gratitude poster :)

ReneeB said...

Healing thoughts to Ruby and other littles who may need it ...

Christie // lemon squeezy home said...

Cheri, you are amazing. Thank you so much for this incredibly generous post and donation to our family. I love you Cheri!!! Thank you a thousand times over. You are just an amazing person. Love you!


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