Monogrammed Pumpkin 2024 – DIY Consultant

Monogrammed Pumpkin

I saw a really pretty pumpkin the other day on Pinterest.  I took inspiration from it and made this one. They had glued rhinestones all over the original one and I thought to myself, “This is a job for Beads in a Bottle!”  It’s such a cool product. So I thought I’d also add a … Read more

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Loki Costume 2024 – DIY Tutorial


So after the two-month debate, Rex finally settled on Loki for Halloween. He and I agreed that it would be fun if he and Baden were Loki and Thor, since they are brothers. So, Baden will sport THIS Thor costume from last year, and here is Rex in all his villain glory. Are you scared? … Read more

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Thor Costume 2024 DIY Guide (for DailyBuzz Moms 9×9)

thor costum DIY

If you’re dropping in from DailyBuzz Moms, then welcome! A couple of weeks ago I finished a funny Viking Halloween costume for my youngest son, Baden. You can see it HERE. Ever since then, my oldest son Rex has been dying for me to make his costume. He chose Thor. Ridiculously good-looking, incredibly strong, and … Read more

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