Superhero Car and Reading Nook 2024 – DIY Kid Car

Superhero Car and Reading Nook

This was my final project for So You Think You’re Crafty. It was a lot of work, but I was really happy with the results. I’ve been planning on converting one of our bedrooms into a Superhero room for Rex. I wanted to create an area where he could read, but also have fun. The … Read more

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The Superhero Room – the Last Chapter 2024 DIY

The Superhero Room

I am thrilled to report that Rex’s superhero room is totally completed.  Here’s a video tour.  If you don’t do videos, then you can check out the pictures below. Here’s the room in action.  It’s my sister filming, but her speaking voice is almost identical to mine.  Freaky, I know.  (Pay no attention to the … Read more

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10 Great Projects That Use Puffy Paint – DIY

Puffy Paint

When you think of Puffy Paint, you might think back to the eighties or early nineties and recall making your own t-shirt. While puffy paint has made quite a crafting comeback and the uses for it have branched out quite a bit. While the type of puffy paint might vary from project to project (3D … Read more

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Beaded Clutch – DIY Bag Ideas

Beaded Clutch

There is a new product from Tulip that I have been really excited to try.  It’s called “Beads in a Bottle.”  Ever since I heard about it I’ve been scheming some ideas of how to use it.  Today I’m going to show you this beaded clutch I made. I have this fabric that I’ve been … Read more

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Viking Tee 2024 – DIY Costumes

Viking Tee

Tuesday I showed you how to cut freezer paper with the Silhouette. Today I’m going to show you the shirt I made with my stencil. Baden is about the same age Rex was when he went through the mustache obsession. I think Baden is going to be going through a Viking stage. He wears this … Read more

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