Best Batman Cars for Toddlers in 2024

When it comes to car toys there is no better than something from the Batman franchise. The Batmobile is a classic vehicle from the tv series, comics, and movies. With all the. cool accessories that come with them and the gadgets that Batman has himself there is no wonder why they are so popular with both boys and girls. Batmobiles always have cool weapons for saving Gotham from any villains that may appear in the city, making these toys exciting and perfect for any child who loves any role-playing toy games.

When it comes to Batman toys there are a few considerations you need to make before buying one for your child and here are a few to think about.

Considerations When Choosing a Batman Car for Toddlers

Age – Age recommendation is a big thing to think about when it comes to buying your little one’s a gift or toy. Some play toys with smaller parts that feature on them could be a hazard for younger children if they choke or swallow them. Toys aimed at younger children should definitely not be bought for more advanced kids as they will soon be bored playing with them not finding them challenging at all, just too simple. On the other hand, young children will become frustrated and annoyed with they are playing with something that is too advanced for them, so the recommendation that is found on the box is definitely something to consider.

Budget – What price you want to pay is always something to think about when buying anything, especially toys and gifts for toddlers. These gifts are something that won’t sustain many years as they grow and develop new more challenging interests. Branded franchise pieces such as the DC universe and Batman do warrant a higher price tag, but also due to this, they warrant a higher quality when it comes to the materials used. These kinds of materials will make sure that the item is strong, durable, and long-lasting.

Design – Batman vehicle toys can come in all different shapes and sizes fitting for children with a lot of different interests. LEGO are a great brand for creative children with lots of imagination (batman lego). The sets provide hands-on fun which can help develop skills in kid’s early years building hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. When the construction is complete more imaginative play can be made using the creations in a role-playing way re-creating different scenes from the Batman films or creating their own.


14 Top Batman Car Toy Reviews

1. Fisher-Price Batmobile

This batman car for toddlers is a push-along toy Batmobile that comes with a  Batman figure that fits inside the driving seat of the cockpit. To show the bat symbol simply spread the wings that are on the Batmobile. To fire the projectiles turn the power pad right, and if you turn the power pad left the shields pop up and cannon rotates. The box contains the Batmobile, the Batman figure, and 3 projectiles. The perfect gift for children between the ages of 3 and 8 years of age.  

This is an image of toddlers batman car with batman

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2. KidsEmbrace Batman Baby Walker

Entertain your kids with this Batman ride on toy. This activity walker features. an easy swivel steering wheel, a gear shifter, and an attached key that all make sounds, flash lights, and vibrate when they are played with. This Batmobile pedal car is easy to clean too, the polyester cover can be removed from the walker and cleaned in your washing machine. The plastic is also quick and easy to sanitize so there is no worry there either. Extra comfort is provided in the harness, which is also designed for ultimate mobility, being made from polyester foam that is also covered by a 100% machine washable polyester batting letting your youngsters enjoy a secure, lightweight, and breathable harness giving you total peace of mind. There is no need to worry about this Batmobile ride on toy taking up any space as it collapses and folds away for easy storage, simply un-attach the child-proof security latch and instantly create the space that you need. This baby activity walker is specifically designed for children between the ages of 6 and 18 months, supporting children weighing up to 26lbs.

This is an image of toddlers batman car and baby walker, KidsEmbrace Batman Baby Activity Walker, DC Comics Car, Music and Lights, Blue

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3. Hot Wheels Die-Cast Models

The Die-Cast models from Hot Wheels are made from predominantly meatal but have some plastic parts. The set comes with 6 different Batman Batmobile vehicles making an awesome toy car collection. These Batmobile cars come straight to the movies, starting from the Adam West era of the franchise, to the Dark Knight trilogy and so much more. perfect for collectors, DC Comics, and Hot Wheels have helped create these Batman toys with the highest detail and authenticates. A great gift for Christmas and birthdays for boys and girls alike, just about anyone who has a love for anything Batman related. Each vehicle has a 1:64 scale size perfect for children aged 3 and above. 

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4. Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Rally Car

Let your little ones protect the streets of Gotham City with this batman car toy. It is a push-along rally car that comes with a Batman figure that has moveable arms and legs for greater realistic action. Launch the projectiles from the hood of the car, simply use the power pad and the hood will open ready for the cannon to be loaded. The kit contains a Batman figure, a rally car, and 3 disks projectiles. Made from completely plastic, making this safe and perfect for children between the ages of 3 and 8.

This is an image of toddlers batman car and batman fugure, Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman Figure & Rally Car, GKJ25check price on amazon



5. Fisher-Price DC Super Friends Armor Batmobile

When it comes to Batman toys for toddlers this Armor Batmobile DC vehicle is the best choice, with wings to fly around the city this toy promotes lots of imaginative play. Simply turn the power pad at the rear of the vehicle to open the wings and fly through the skies of Gotham. You can also push the power pad at the front of the vehicle which launched the disk cartridges. In the box, there is a batman figure with a sword accessory which relates to the ninja style of the packaging, 2 projectile disks, and a Batmobile car toy.

This is an image of toddlers batman car and batman fugure, Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends, Ninja Armor Batmobilecheck price on amazon



6. Fisher-Price Mobile Command Center

The Fisher-Price mobile command center includes a remote control, projectiles that can be launched forward, a jail, and a Batman figure. The remote helps steer the command center forward and backward and also transforms this batman vehicle into a playset. Turn the power pad or push the transform button that is on the remote to raise the batwing platform. To fire the projectiles, press the trigger on the launcher and see the shoot across the room. To make the bat wings take to the skies simply press the launch button that is on the remote control or launches manually by pressing the small power pad that is on the platform.


7. Diecast Batmobile Truck And Cars

This diecast tractor model is a toy car carrier for there batman model cars made from the diecast materials. It comes with cars but doesn’t fit them all inside the trailer at once.  The perfect gif for children aged 3 and above, anyone who has an interest in the Batman franchise.  A great size to be used as a display pee or to be played with, measuring 20cm x 10cm. An educational toy that is perfect for your little ones in there learning years.


This is an image of toddlers Diecasts Toy Vehicles Set Diecast Metal Truck Car Batman Batmobile Car Alloy Diecasts Toy Vehicles Car Model Toys for Childrencheck price on amazon



8. Batboat 2-in-1 Batmobile

This amazing Batman toy is a 2-in-1 transforming vehicle that is both the Batmobile and the Batboat. You just need to simply lift up the hatch on the Batmobile. and pull the Batboat out from the back and launch right into the action. This is the iconic look that the Batmobile is always thought to have, with authentic, high-quality detailing making it look straight from the movies. Your little ones will have loads of fun recreating their favorite scenes. The deluxe vehicle features smooth, sleek detailing bringing Batman’s classic vehicle to life. The vehicle fits the 4-inch Batman action figures inside but these are sold separately. Load the action figure into the driver’s seat, and help keep Gotham a safe place. This 2-in-1 Batman toy is perfect for children aged 4 and above, great for play even in the bath with the Batboat floating around.


This is an image of toddlers BATMAN Batmobile and Batboat 2-in-1 Transforming Vehicle, for Use 4-Inch Action Figures

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9. Fisher-Price Super Friends Batmobile

Batman toys for 2 year old boys don’t come better than this. Children will love recreating their favorite moments from the Super Friends with this cool Batmobile toy. To pop out the jet engine simply press the button on the side of the vehicle. If you want to see the awesome flames, roll the car along and also see the engine rock in the front.  Launch disks out of the front of the vehicle for action-packed fun, just press the lever and watch them go.  The batman figure that comes in the box fits perfectly inside the vehicle.

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10. Justice League Batmobile

The new 12 inch batmobile comes with twin blast action and a colorful justice league design. On the front of the vehicle are double blasters mounted that fire rockets from the hood. Simply snap and fire from the side door. batman action figures are sold separately but can fit inside the vehicle so there can be a driver in place for lots of role-playing fun. An amazing gift for DC comic fans, and Batman fans of all ages, this Batmobile would be a great display piece and also promotes imaginative play so you can recreate all of your favorite scenes from the movies.

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11. LEGO DC Batman

LEGO sets are always a favorite with many kids, even into their later years, so a LEGO see combined with Batman is going to be an instant hit. Get your young builders right to work with this creative, hands-on construction toy, and when the building is done your child will be able to embark on all sorts of adventures with Batman, fighting bad guys and solving crime. This Batman playset for toddlers includes 2 Minifigures featuring Batman himself and The Riddler. Batman comes equipped with a Batarang and The Riddler has a buildable skateboard, there are also 2 $100 dollar bills and a crowbar that help create the scenes from the movies. Your children will grow their confidence in following instructions by using the step-by-step guide included with easy to understand instructions. The Batmobile vehicle is a. great size for hands-on play measuring 4cm high, 15cm long, and 4 cm wide. The set is a great size too, it has 59 pieces inside perfect for both boys and girls recommended for children aged 4 and above. Additionally, this set can be combined with all other LEGO products making t a great addition to your existing sets, developing a more imaginative and creative play for your kids.


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12. Diecast Batman Batmobile

This Diecast replica batman vehicle is from the classic 1989 movie. The awesome batmobile is a 1:32 scale model made from metal and plastic, measuring about 5-inches long. The set comes equipped with a super stylish window box and a hanging tag. Ideal for children aged 8 and above, or just any lovers of the Batman, DC franchise. 


This is an image of toddlers batman car and batman figure, Jada Batmobile Batman DiecastBest Batman Cars for Toddlers



13. Fisher-Price Friends Transformable Batmobile

Fisher-Price has produced this amazing remote-controlled Batmobile that drives and transforms into a raised battle mode. Use the remote control to send Batman driving around anywhere you want, forward, backward, left, right, and spinning all around. The Batmobile vehicle transforms with lights and sounds, then returns to the normal vehicle mode. The projectiles are launched in battle mode by using the remote control in the box, there are 4 projectiles included. Recommended for kids between the age of 3 and 8 years. 


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14. Fisher-Price Batmobile And Cycle

This Batmobile is great for kids, just squeeze the buttons and watch the Batmobile light up. Fire disks at villains with the flip-up launcher. The box comes with a Batman and Robin figure, 3 projectile disks, the Batmobile, and a motorcycle. Robin fits on the motorcycle and sees him roll along to find the next crime-fighting adventure. Kids will love recreating their favorite adventures. To light up the Batmobile simply squeeze the button on the side. Villains are sold separately but are great targets for the flip-up launcher to fire at.


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15. Fisher-Price Batman Beyond Motorcycle

This amazing Batman vehicle set includes a Batman figure, a transforming motorcycle with a disk launcher, and 2 disk projectiles that are ready to be fired straight out of the box. There is a button on the vehicle that pops down the wings transforming the bike into an awesome glider, then if you want to fire the disks press another button and see them propel forward at any enemies that are in your way. For more fun adventures add Batman Beyond to other Imaginext figures in your collection.



16. Fisher-Price Batman And Batcycle

Inside this amazing Batman, the set includes a Batman figure, the Batcycle that fires projectile disks, and 2 projectiles. Simply press the button and transform the Batcycle from a motorbike to a hover-bike then press the button again to launch the disc’s forward into any enemies that could be in your way. Toys like this promote lots of interactive and imaginative play with things being shot forward, bikes transforming, and wheels moving there are a lot of fun role-playing games to be had using this Batman toy vehicle. Collect all the additional Imaginext DC figures, playsets, and vehicles for unlimited action-packed adventures each are sold separately but offer loads of fun when combined with other products.



17. Mega Justice league Cannon Batmobile Vehicle

From the new movie comes the armored cannon Batmobile, an iconic and classic design with enhanced weaponry and design. The weapons that are at the front of the vehicle have a surprise reveal and spring-loaded projectiles that propel the blasters forward. The vehicle seats one 6 inch Batman figure but this is not included in the box. A full-length cannon blaster for lots of fun for your little ones.


18. DC Comics Cannon Attack Batmobile

This new DC comics Batmobile comes with a set of 2 air-powered weapon accessories for loads of fire action. The weapons can be detached from the vehicle and moved into different ports that are available, just find the perfect place for your adventure and away you go. The cockpit can fit a six-inch figure which isn’t included in the box. The figure can also hold the detachable weapons for some hand-carried protection from my villains you are fighting.


19. Batman Batcycle With Figures

The Batcycle vehicle is equipped with army green and silver detailing along with Batmans signature technology, and a detailed rear wing sculpts making this bike unstoppable against the menacing Clayface. The action figures are 4 inches tall, and the immense detail and different points of articulation make these figures really come to life. Your kids will be able to use their imagination to full potential playing out different scenes and battles between Batman and Clayface. This set is perfect for both boys and girls who have a love for Batman aged 4 and above due to the small pieces. In the box includes a Batcycle, an exclusive Batman figure, an exclusive Clayface figure, and 2 accessories.


Best Buy Overall

The LEGO DC Batman set is our best overall buy, with these two brands combining together the set is always going to be hit with your little ones. Your children will be instantly creating as soon as the box is open with this hands-on construction toy. Encouraging your child’s. imagination too as when the set has been fully constructed you can use the action figures to create or re-create scenes from the movies, enjoying lots of different adventures. The set comes with easy-to-follow instructions which help build your child’s confidence in following instructions, and they will see the physical benefits when their build is complete. The set includes Batman himself and The Riddler both equipped with different accessories like a Batarang and a crowbar and $100 dollar bills, making the scenes more accurate and fun for your kids. The Batmobile is 4cm high, 15cm long and 4cm wide, the perfect size for your little builders to get their hands on it. A great set for both boys and girls aged 4 and up, the 59 piece set will keep them entertained for hours with lots of exciting, educational fun.

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Best Budget Pick

Our best budget buy is the Batman baby walker, it is the perfect product to encourage your kids in their developing years when they are trying to take that big step to learn to walk. The walker has a removable polyester harness that sits your baby upright, giving them all the support they need, it is also completely machine washable simply remove from the walker, place in the machine and let it dry. The plastic material used on the frame of the walker is also easy to clean with just a spray and wipe needed. The walker is also interactive making it more captivating to your children, featuring an easy swivel steering wheel, a gear shifter, and an attached key that all make flashing lights, vibrations, and sounds that your kids will love. When it is time to tidy away there is no need to worry about making some space for the walker as it easily folds away for easy storage, simply unclip the latch on the back and collapse the Batman baby walker into a compact position. Perfect for children between the ages of 6 months and 18 months holding weights of up to 26lbs, specifically designed for children giving them comfort and support when they are using it.

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Where to Find a Batman Remote Control Car?

When it comes to buying a Batman remote control car there are a few options you can take, the highstreet, toy shops, and the internet are all great choices. In our opinion, Amazon is the best place to find these remote control Batman cars. Amazon offers lots of details and research you can do on specific products making sure it is the perfect choice for your child. There are also product reviews from previous customers, this gives a strong indication of how the toy is going to work as the account will be a non-biased view of real-time experiences, rather than the companies representation of the product which will always be in their favor. Product descriptions are also available and comparisons with products that are similar making sure you have all the available knowledge before buying the gift.