Photography Tips Part 1 – How To Take Pro Photos

Photography Tips

I’ve had a lot of photography-related questions roll in lately, so I wanted to do a few posts about taking pictures. If you’re already a pro, then you have the next couple of days off. If you’re interested in taking better photos, then I think you’ll like the next few days. Here we go! The … Read more

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Organizing with Leftover Containers – Food Storage

Organizing with Leftover Containers

It seems everyone is busy restructuring and reorganizing around this time of year. Rex got a second bout of the flu yesterday, so I thought it might be a good time to tackle a messy cupboard I’ve been putting off since I clearly wasn’t going anywhere. Here’s the cupboard. Doesn’t look that bad? Well…. ….all of this … Read more

Wake Up Wednesday – Valentine’s Day Surprise

Wake Up Wednesday - Valentine's Day Surprise

We had the best Valentine’s day ever. Last week’s challenge was to give a valentine to someone who is single or widowed. We took some flowers to a couple of sweet widows who live nearby. They were both thrilled to have up stopped by. One of them we know quite well. She doesn’t eat sweets, … Read more