10 Best Outdoor Decorations for Kids Birthday Parties 2022 – Top Ideas

Outdoor Decorations for Kids Birthday Parties

Outdoor birthday parties are so much fun, especially for kids. Kids love to play and this is better at outdoor locations because they cannot ruin things there. Handling them indoors is difficult because they will turn things upside down. Furthermore, you can be more creative with outdoor themes. And if it is summertime, things will … Read more

Fabric Covered Books – DIY Home Decor

Fabric Covered Books

I’ve noticed recently that a lot of home decor stores use books to decorate. They are stacked and sometimes tied with hemp. They are placed on shelves or coffee tables. Well, I only own ugly books. Well, most of them are ugly. So today we’re making books worthy of decorating a home. I went through some of the … Read more

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5 Ways to Use an Engineer Blueprint – DIY Designs

5 Ways to Use an Engineer Blueprint

As you’ve probably seen in blogland, Engineer Blueprints from Staples have become a big thing. Why? Because you can print a huge 2’x3′ poster (black and white only) for only $3. Mostly, it seems that people use them for family photos but there are a LOT of ways to make use of them. Here are … Read more

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Make It Yourself Magazine – DIY Ideas

Make It Yourself Magazine

Yesterday was a rough one, so instead of a tutorial today I’m going to share something I got a little excited about this week. My Upcycled T-shirt Dress was featured in Make It Yourself Magazine – a brand new publication by Better Homes and Gardens. I’ve never been to a magazine before, so I was … Read more

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