Fabric Covered Books – DIY Home Decor

I’ve noticed recently that a lot of home decor stores use books to decorate. They are stacked and sometimes tied with hemp. They are placed on shelves or coffee tables. Well, I only own ugly books. Well, most of them are ugly. So today we’re making books worthy of decorating a home.

I went through some of the books in our home. This puppy was screaming for a makeover.

This project is a great way to use up scrap fabric. I got out a stack of books, my scrap fabric, and Aleene’s Fabric Fusion. This adhesive works really well with this project, as hot glue can’t be spread thin.

I cut a piece of fabric a little bigger than the book when opened. I brushed on a coat of fabric fusion on the top and along the spine. Then I folded the fabric onto it, flipped the book and did the other side.

I opened the book and trimmed the fabric inward as shown by the spine.

Then I brushed the edges of the fabric and book and folded them in.

I folded the corners like a present, pinching the corner…

….and then gluing it flat. You could glue in a piece of paper to cover the fabric inside, but since I wasn’t going to be opening the book that often I just left it.

I also glued the little edge near the spine.

Doesn’t that look better?

Make them in all sorts of colors to add a pop of color to a room. Tie them up with a string or a belt.

Use them as decor. Mix and match them with other books.

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Thanks for reading.