Layered Tee Minus the Layers – DIY Style Tips

First of all, this is more of an idea-giver than a tutorial. I promise to be better about more thorough tutorials, with lots of pictures, but this one seemed pretty simple. I love the look of layers, but I hate wearing five hundred shirts. On this shirt, I sewed in a mock tank top. I just took a V-shaped piece of fabric and sewed it in. Then I added a little tab with a button so I could gather up the tank. Then I added a ruffle around the edge. Tadaaahhhh!

You might be happy to know that I am also getting better at taking pictures of myself in the mirror. That way you don’t have to wonder if I have a wandering eye. That first shoot was pretty bad. AND…I even did my hair for all of you. I know – you’re touched.

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Happy sewing!