Tie Dye Your Summer – DIY Clothing

When I used to think of tie-dye, I had this vision of a huge steaming pot on the stove with tongs and lots of shirts, etc. From what I had seen, it was a complicated process.

However, once I tried the Tulip tie dye kit a couple of years ago, I was really excited to know that it’s actually a super simple process now. I think this is the first thing I ever tie-dyed (which was 2 years ago). Since then I’ve dyed a few things.

Well, tie-dye is big again – especially with the ombre rage. In fact, Tulip just launched a website all about tie-dying – including a sweet giveaway for an iPad mini, with a tie-dye skin, and supplies for your own tie-dye party.

The other day the boys and I decided to have our own tie-dye party. We got out our kits and went to work.

The kit comes with rubber bands, gloves, and this bottle (which already has the color in it). You just fill it to the line with water and you’re in business. See? I told you it was crazy easy.

The kits have lots of ideas in them as well, along with instructions on how to do each design.

Naturally, Rex wanted to make an Ironman one. So we cinched up a circle in the front and put a rubber band on it. Then I let him squirt the dye all over the rest of the shirt.

For Baden’s, we tried the bullseye with three colors. He actually squirted the dye himself and his shirt turned out really cool.

The giveaway Tulip is doing (for an iPad mini, a tie-dye skin for it, and supplies for your own tie-dye party) is almost ready to end, but you can still enter.

There are TWO ways to win and you can find out the details on the contest page. You can actually enter to win right here using the Rafflecopter below.