February 19, 2010

Frames With Personality

While you may or may not be into scrapbooking, you can't ignore the fantastic materials they make now days. I made these frames, utilizing a few scrapbook materials.
1) Scrapbook paper. I decoupaged (that means taking Elmer's glue, watering it down and spreading a few coats on) these plain frames. There are some gorgeous papers available. Something for everyone. You can definitely find something you like.
2) Hardware. You'll notice each of the frames have some type of metal on them - corners or a buckle. I got these in a pack in the scrapbook section. I plan to use them in all sorts of unconventional ways.
I like to take an ink pad and rub the edges of the frame to give it an antiqued look.
I think they look best when paired together with some other coordinating patterns.
Pretty simple project. Pretty low-cost as well. I've seen similiar ones in boutiques for high prices. Final step: Birth a child, take lots of pictures of him or her and fill the frames with the pictures. (That part isn't simple. Or low cost.)


Taylor Swim said...

I'm so trying this one. It's easy enough for someone "craft challenged" to do. Thanks for the great idea!

"The Landlord" said...

Love this idea! hope I can pull it off :D

Julie said...

These are great! I'm not into scrapbooking, but I do love scrapbooking materials.

ChasingRays said...

ok so I know im commenting a lot and turning into a blog stalker, but i promise Im not weird.. or creepy... I just love what I keep finding on here.. including the picture here of your husband holding your boys hand and walking away.. I like it because I ahve the EXACT one on my wall right next to me (well not EXACT, obviously its my husband and my sons haha but my hubs is wearing a shirt just like your mans and my older son is looking back at the camera just like your boy! craziness) but I just said to my husband I think you must be my new "blog best friend". Repeat.. Im not crazy lol just excited

Janine Marie said...

When my little one wakes up from napping, we're heading to the craft store! I plan on creating something similar - for a birthday gift! I will blog about it make sure you're recognized for this simple and creative idea! Thanks!


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