May 11, 2010

Guest Post with Alisa Burke

We have a guest blogger today and she is one of my new favorites.  Alisa can take the simplest items and make them into something spectacular.  I'm over on her blog today.  She is here to show you how to make this great bracelet from items you probably already have on hand.  Welcome Alisa!

Hello I Am Momma- Hear Me Roar readers!! My name is Alisa Burke and I am an artist and blogger and SUPER excited to be exchanging tutorial posts with Cheri- who created a very inspiring project for my blog today!

I love coming up with creative projects that require simple materials and I was inspired to put my own twist on a simple and easy safety pin bracelet that I could make made from safety pins, paper and fabric scraps that I had on hand.
I started by creating simple rolled beads from scraps of fabric, paper towels (that were used to clean up fabric dye and paint) and colorful junk mail. I cut strips of material and rolled them up around a toothpick, gluing as I rolled.
I coated the rolled beads with a thin layer of Modge Podge (or gel medium) to seal the beads.
Once the beads were dry, I added each one one to a safety pin.
I made enough pins with beads to fit around my wrist- roughly 25 pins.
I used stretchy jewelry cord and strung it through the top of the safety pins...
and another cord through the bottom of the safety pins and tied the top and the bottom off.
The result is a totally colorful and unique bracelet made from scraps and materials I already had!!

Thank you so much for the great tutorial, Alisa!  Isn't she wonderful?  Now pop on over to her blog to see my tutorial on how to make this bag.  Have a great day!



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