July 14, 2010

What to do with the leather - Part 1

So I have a lot of this pale blue leather left after making Melissa's poopy clutch last week.  I'm kind of excited because I've never really worked much with leather, but I already love it.  So, here and there you'll see a segment called "What to do with the leather."  I'm going to to show you some different leather ideas.  If you're not into leather, you can still use vinyl for a lot of these projects or even fabric for some of them.

So first let me tell you a few things I learned about leather when I went to the leather store.  It's NOT like the fabric store.  You don't say, "I'll take a yard and a half of that."  You have to buy entire pieces.  They have small ones and they have large ones.  The price can vary a lot.  Some is thick, some is thin, some is super soft and some if really hard.  Now the giant piece I bought was on clearance.  I spent $30 on it, but I've already make 3 clutches, a few other things you'll soon see and there's still a ton left.  That can give you an idea of pricing.  However, you could also spend $30 on a little piece.  It just depends on what you like.

Today we're making a very versatile leather flower clip.  I like seeing flowers in leather because I think it makes the flower less little girl-like and more edgy-funky. 

I cut a few large leaves, and two flower shapes to start.  These don't need to be perfect.  I think they look great when they're a bit off.

I hot glued the large petals to a round piece of felt.  (Yes, I could have just cut the whole flower shape, but it uses less leather to cut just petals on the big one.)

Then I glued on the other layers and a big vintage button.

I took an alligator clip and a small piece of felt.

I clipped the felt into the inside of the clip and glued the top as shown.

The felt sticks really well to the felt.  It's pretty impossible to peel that baby off after it's glued.
  I tried to glue the clip where it's covered by the flower, but I also try to have the part that sticks up (on the clip) run off the edge of the felt so it doesn't make the flower stick up quite so much there.

Now, what do you do with it?  Oh baby, I've got a lot of ideas for this one.  You could clip it on the edge of a shirt....in the middle or on the side.

You can clip it onto a soft headband.

You could clip it onto a purse/bag.  Tomorrow I'll show you one more thing I plan on clipping it to.

Wait - I have one quick question for all of you.  Would you be interested in a hair week?  I've had a few questions about my hair and it might be fun to exchange some ideas.  Tell me what you think....fun or lame?

Have a great day!


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