August 07, 2010

Soapbox Saturday - men and women

I have a great friend who has a daughter Rex's age.  They get to play together quite often.  I am always amazed at the natural differences between them as a girl and a boy.  She loves to dress like a princess.  She'll stop eating mid-lunch to stand on her chair and sing us the song from Cinderella.  Rex is all boy.  He wants to be a superhero.  His life revolves around the seeing the garbage truck. 

Well, while we all eventually grow up and change I think the differences remain.  My husband and I are quite different.  He likes to be efficient at the store.  I like to roam.  He likes silence, so I talk his ear off.  He likes to watch sports while I'd rather beat my head up against the wall.  He thinks he has to solve all my problems.  I just want him to listen and sympathize.  I'm an early-riser.  He's not.  I try to be organized around the house.  He has a random pile of clothing on his side of the bed in which only he knows what is clean and what isn't.  I squeeze the toothpaste from the top and he squeezes from the bottom.  He's athletic and I'm artistic. 

So what makes it work?  Well, I was thinking about it and I noticed there was a commonality.  Rex and his little friend have tea parties at her house.  When my husband knows I need some "us" time he asks me if I want some herbal tea.  We sip and talk and everything feels wonderful.  We forget out differences and just take time to communicate.  And, it turns out we have a lot more in common than not.

What are your differences?


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