October 07, 2010

Displaying Your Child's Art

I got an e-mail request from my cousin a while back.  She mentioned that her son brings home lots of artwork and she wants to display it.  She doesn't want to ruin it by tacking it up on a bulletin board.  So, today I've compiled a few different options to solve this problem that many of us face.

1) Create a curtain wire gallery.  This idea comes from the fabulous blog, Ohdeedoh.  Kalleen from At Second Street also did a great version of this HERE.  It's nice because you can just clip in the art work without making any holes in it.  Kalleen bought the Dignitet set at Ikea.

2) Check out this Dynamic Frame site.  It's really cool because their frames open like a door so you can easily change out the artwork anytime and your child feels pretty cool, having a prominent place to display his or her artwork in your home.  They have a lot of frame options as well.

3) A few of you have mentioned that you take pictures of your children's art work so you don't have to keep it all.  I thought that was ingenius.  You could then take those images and put them into a photo book or you could load them onto a digital frame. 

4) Here's a pocket display you can purchase, which would also avoid injuring the walls and the artwork.

5) I LOVE this idea by Jen from A Thousand Words.  She took pictures of their artwork and made it into a collage.  I think this is fantastic and so cute, too.

6) Etsy seller SimplyCreate will make your child's artwork into a custom collage.

7) Lastly, I don't have a picture since I haven't made one yet.  I saw these giant unfinished clothespins at JoAnn's.  I thought it would be fun to mount 4-5 of them to a long strip of wood.  You could modge podge them with cute scrapbook paper and create your own little gallery.

I was surprised by how many great ideas there were to display children's art work as I surfed all over the net.  I love the concept of displaying the art work to make your child feel important.  Now I'm trying to decide which idea I want to use myself. 

Thanks for reading.  Tomorrow I'm excited to be guest posting at A Lemon Squeezy Home, where Purse Week has been going on.  If you've recently (since August) made a cute purse you should enter her fun contest.  See you tomorrow!


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