January 20, 2011

A Couple More Silhouette Projects

While the giveaway and promotion of the Silhouette are still going on, I thought I'd show you a few more things I've done with my new BFF.  Warning: I've turned into a label freak.  It makes me feel so good to have things organized and my husband can't say he doesn't know where something goes.  There's a label.  Ha!  So here's the latest:

I labeled some more bins.

I organized our candy stash.  Now I choose my mood....chocolate or fruity.  (It's chocolate 90% of the time for me.)

I put a phrase on the wall of the cowboy room that I've been meaning to do for over two years now.  We moved Baden to this room about a month ago.  He's a big boy now and this phrase fits him way too well.

Here's a close up of the lettering.

Lastly, I had to change the front door from Christmas to everyday.  I used the premium vinyl (the one the promotion is for) and it was just as easy to use as the regular kind.  It's made to handle outdoor conditions.  I also put numbers on our mailbox, but I'm not showing you that (in case there's some crazy stalker out there searching for my address :)

Yeah, so I really like vinyl now.  It's pretty fun.  Obsessively fun.

I have a really fun Feature Friday tomorrow that I'm excited to show you.  See you then!  Thanks for dropping by.


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