January 02, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - Best of 2010

So every Sunday I shared what I'm thankful for.  I thought it would be fun to sum up the year.  So, here are a three of my greatest blessings from 2010.

1) My parents returned from their mission in Russia and moved to Utah.  I adore my parents and feel so lucky to now have them close enough to see my boys grow up.  They are always up for a project and are always willing to dream with me.  In fact, we are doubly blessed.  My husband's parents also live close and are amazing people and grandparents.  I love that my kids get to know both grandparents.  It's wonderful.

2) Watching Rex and Baden become friends.  When you first have baby #2 it's so hard for your firstborn to understand how much his world is going to change.  On the downside for Rex, babies aren't exactly ready for playing superheros on day one.  This year Baden has learned how to walk, run, and talk quite a bit.  Watching the two of them start to play together has been so beautiful.  There are intense moments of joy.....like hearing Rex tell Baden he did a good job with something....or hearing Baden say, "Rex?  I wuv-oo!"  Maybe I'm wearing rose-colored glasses, but I just feel deeply that these two will always be very close friends.

3)  My little piece of the blogosphere.  I know it may sound like a small thing, but starting this blog has been a great blessing to me as well.  Music was always my main hobby/career, but after I started having kids it just didn't fit anymore.  Concerts and traveling don't really mesh with parenthood.  So, I needed something that was mine.  It wasn't until I started this blog that I felt like I had found that something.  I get to create.  I get to share it all with you.  It fills some of the void you feel when you haven't talked to another adult all day.  I sit in my family room, but I still feel connected to all of you and it really is a blessing.

I also feel like I have someone I have to answer to.  I said I would keep the schedule I had set and I feel the need to keep my word.  Maybe that seems like a stress-creator, but in reality it has helped me accomplish so much more than I thought I could during the past year.  It has stretched me and it feels good.  I feel like ideas are gifts or blessings and the more I use and share them, the more they keep coming.

So, thank you. Whether you drop by and leave a kind comment or whether life is hectic and you drop in for just a quick second....you're still a part of this and I really appreciate you. Really.

Lastly, I definitely owe a lot of thanks to my husband for completely supporting my in this endeavor. He realizes that it's important to me and that it makes me happy. I am so grateful that he gets me.

What were your greatest blessings of 2010?  I'd LOVE to hear about them.


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