February 24, 2011

Laundry Room Makeover

Hooray!  I'm finally done painting the laundry room. It was a work out.  Even with the paint that has primer in it it takes a couple of coats to cover red with pale turquoise.  Plus, there was a lot of trim work.  Enough whining Cherdog!  (Yes, I actually refer to myself that way sometimes.)  Let's take a look.

Wait, let me give you a little glimpse at what it used to look like.

While I do like red, for this small room it felt kind of cluttered and small.  The countertop was that catch-all area and things didn't feel organized.

So what was done?  Of course the painting (which is "Fountain Spout" by Behr).  The mud room shelving was already there with the baskets.

I kept the same curtain up since it was a neutral creme and it has bits of the red accent color.

The cupboard doors on the cabinet below were removed and my dad headed off to the Depot to have them cut a piece of melamine the right size so that a shelf could be added, maximizing the storage.  The two bottom laundry baskets remain there for darks and lights and the other two are the ones that I carry the laundry back and forth with.  I have finally found the magic system for myself.

You saw the laundry room sign HERE before.  The baskets were $6 at Tai Pan Trading.  They are perfect for housing the little items you use a lot - dryer sheets, stain remover, etc.

Now let me give you a final look.  As you enter from the gargage there's a wall where I have this simple magnet board.  You can see the laundry room is just beyond it to the right.

If you looked sharp left you'd see this little key box.  Have you ever given someone a gift you liked more than they did?  I gave this to my sister several years ago and then I bought it from her at her rummage sale last summer.  Ha!  It looks perfect with the turquoise wall behind it.

So as you walk in you see the mudroom shelving on your right (which by the way has the wall color behind the shelving and baskets so I had to squeeze in there to paint it all.)



....turning... and that's it!

Now, nerdy me even likes to see the purse I made hanging in there because it matches.

So, let's do some laundry baby!  (Which is exactly what I have to go do now since I ignored it in order to get the painting done :)

Thanks for dropping by.


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