June 20, 2011

I Got Nothing!

I got a little overbooked yesterday, so I've got nothing to show you today.  I'm busy getting things together for a funeral today.  (It's not someone I knew, but I got asked to put together a lot of music for it.)  However, I have a bunch of things in the works that I'm excited to show you. 

Until then, let me share a few things I've pinned on Pinterest.  Have you seen these?  It's not nail polish.  It's more like stickers.  They're called films.  Have any of you tried these?

Does anyone know if you can buy big glossy beads like these?  I think this necklace is so pretty, but the price tag sure isn't :)

And before you go, I want to tell you about some upcoming things here. 


Hair Week!  Woo-hoo!  It's going to be a fun one. 


Blogger Blooper Week
(see the ugly projects and pictures that didn't make the cut from big bloggers you love)

Cassie's Home
(see the inexpensive, yet incredible transformation at my little sis's house)

Silhouette Week
(VIDEO tutorials on how to do everything with the Silhouette AND there might be a giveaway again!)

So those are some things I'm looking forward to.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. HA! I love the idea of blog blooper month!!! Can't wait - Lord knows I have enough...lol, can't wait to laugh along :)

  2. No clue on the beads. But I'm willing to bet you could make something similar by spray painting those huge wooden craft beads (like @ HobLob?) with a couple coats of high-gloss spray paint. Stick them on wooden dowels so you can get the tops/bottoms, & anchor in styrofoam til it dries.

  3. Yay for hair week! The last hair week is when I first fell in love with you. I am forever indebted to you for the rockstar curls. They changed my life!:)

  4. Sounds fun! I was wondering, is the Silhoutte like a Cricut? What's the difference?

  5. YAY! Everything coming up looks so awesome!

  6. I'm so looking forwards to blooper week. I could fill a whole month with projects I have angrily tossed in the trash and then sulked over. This one time... I crocheted a hippo, and he was super cute... and then Nicole, who was a baby at the time, got chocolate on him. (he was a natural colored cotton yard.) it was for an exchange, so when I couldn't get it out I figured I would dye him grey. Brilliant, right? Since he's a hippo!
    WELL. I did not put a lot of thought to that and used my usual dye method. Hot water in the washing machine. Suffice it to say... that hippo came out of there with arms six times as long, his head on backwards, just... mangled beyone belief. It was horrifying. Traumatizing. Do not want.

    I was going to suggest painting and varnishing wooden beads but I was beat to the punch. That is pretty, go for it! Doooooo ittttt! ;)

  7. I'm excited for hair week...and bloopers! How fun! And inexpensive home stuff...totally perfect. We're looking for a home, so I will need some ideas once we get in it!

  8. Can't wait for what's coming! I love the idea of bloopers, thank goodness, I thought I was the only one, I'd love to see some hair posts and Yay for the Silhouette video tutorials, I need some inspiration.

  9. Love the beads! They are so shiny glossy! I've never been a bead girl but I could get into those! I have no idea where to get them but will keep a lookout!

  10. Looks like good stuff coming up! I'd love to see another photography week sometime too.

  11. Xcited about upcoming events! Esp HAIR week! Yay! Wish I knew where to get those nail stickers...very cool!

  12. Ooh, I use things similar to those on my toes! They're called Jamberry Nails and they're out of Provo. They have all kinds of patterns. They've been on Group Dealz a few times and I love to get them when they're half price. They're awesome!

  13. uuuhhh star wars nailpolish! i like it!

  14. Thank You for putting so much time on your blog. I call it free entertainment. Love all your post.
    Thanks for being so great!!!

  15. Yes! You have to try Jamberry nails! I've heard that the ones you can get in drugstores are horrible, but the Jamberry ones are AMAZING! They stayed on for almost 2 weeks through yard work and digging through boxes prepping for a gigantic garage sale. I'm actually doing a blog review and giveaway for them next week :D

  16. To make that pretty necklace you could paint a few cheapo wooden beads from Michaels with some craft paint of your choice followed by some gloss sealant. It would probably cost you $2 to make it!


    Heather at http://fakeitfrugal.blogspot.com/

  17. Might be able to make polymer clay beads like that. Can't wait for hair week! You have such great tutorials. Even hair styling challenged girls like me can figure it out!

  18. I haven't tried those kind, but I LOVE Jamberry Nails, they are like a little vinyl thing you stick on your nail. They come in all kinds of patterns and colors. So fun and easy! (http://www.jamberrynails.com/)

  19. These type of necklaces are all over etsy.. especially in the children's section. I took a description from one of the listings Coral 0.55" (14mm) beads and tons of sites popped up. Here is one.. http://bead-centre.com/coral.html

    Good luck with your necklace. I am sure it will be fabulous.

  20. I have some beads similar to that actually! I purchased them last year at a bead store when I was on vacation...they remind me of gum balls! :)


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