June 27, 2011

Waterfall Braid with Lots of Variations

Welcome to HAIR WEEK!!!  I wanted to start hair week off with one of my new favorites.  It's called the "Waterfall Braid" and it's popped up all over beauty and hair web sites.  If you can french braid, then the concept is simple and there are a LOT of variations you can do.

I'm going to break it down here.  This first video will show you the basic how-to of the Waterfall braid to get the look above. 

The nice thing with this particular style is that your hair can be pretty short and you can still do this. (Click HERE to see a video of a girl with chin length hair do a waterfall braid. She's the one I first learned the waterfall braid from.) 
Next, I'm going to show you how I built off that style to get this woven hair I showed you a couple of weeks ago.

Here are a few different versions of the Waterfall braid I found when searching blogland.  These ladies rock the waterfall braid at an angle, cascading down and ending with a regular braid.


(left to right) love Maegan, My Yellow Sandbox (who'll be here Thursday!)

This next one I couldn't find the source for the picture but I thought it looked cool just going straight across the back.

So let's get braiding.  I love that braids are so hip right now.  There are a billion different ways to braid.  Today was just the beginning!

That's all for today.  Tomorrow we have a special guest from Australia with a fun, easy style.  See you then.


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