July 14, 2011

Blogger Bloopers with Disney from Ruffles and Stuff

Today we have Disney from Ruffles and Stuff.  Can I just say I completely adore her?  She has the sweetest personality that truly shines through her blog.  She is extremely creative and talented and she wears her heart on her sleeve....or maybe I should say on her blog :)  Welcome lovely Disney!

So Cheri asked me to do a guest post about my "blooper" experiences as a crafter and blogger, and I was like "huh??" What's she even talking about? Bloggers don't make mistakes....
 Everyone knows that we have perfect lives. We always look amazing. 
Every photo is like a magazine cover....
We are perfectly perfect at all times.
 And our children are just the same....picture perfect at every moment.
Well....ok...I guess there were a few (hundred) projects that didn't turn out as well as hoped.
Take this skirt I made for Paige when I first started getting back into sewing. Not too bad from far away, huh? Kind of a cute nautical thing going on....
 Now let's have some close-ups. Check out this fraying action! And get this-I did it on purpose. I thought it was so cute at the time! "A fraying hemline! How...adorable!" :o/
 Not to mention the mis-matched seams, and the hem tape that I sloppily sewed on. Nice.
 And here's a lovely zoom-in of my waistband handiwork. Complete with a hole through one seam.
 The worst part is? She wore it to church one Sunday. Yikes.

Here's another beauty:
I had this incredible idea that I would sew the cuffs of a mens shirt to the neckline of my jersey dress. (Go ahead, laugh, that's what we're here for!) I'm pretty sure I thought I was a genius at the time.
 Annnnd a hole right through again.
 One of my first posts was about this little bubble dress I made for Paige. Oh, isn't it cute....
 The only problem? I didn't know how to make a bubble skirt at the time. I'm not sure why my attempt involved...elastic....I just don't know what to tell you about that one.
 But needless to say, I didn't quite get the look I was going for.....
And because I couldn't resist, here's my all-time favorite "blooper" photo:
Yes. Wetting her pants in mid-photo. A Kodak moment, as they say. :O)

So, OK, I guess we're not perfect. I'm pretty sure we're just like everyone else, but with fancier cameras. :O) I think I can speak for us all when I say, feel free to enjoy a laugh at our expense any time you'd like!

Thanks for having me, Cheri, and have a fun day, everyone!

Thank you SO much for being here and keeping it real Disney!  And thank you all for stopping by.


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