July 12, 2011

Blogger Bloopers with Jen from Tatertots and Jello

Our guest blogger today needs no introduction (but I'm going to give her one anyhow).  It's Jen from Tatertots and Jello.  Jen has a billion cool projects under her belt, she hosts the biggest link party I know of on her blog, and she is extremely kind and sweet.  I'm thinking she doesn't sleep much because the girl is a powerhouse.  She is everywhere in blogland, participating in every series, event, and gathering in existence.  I was so excited that she was willing to stop in for a visit today.  Welcome Jen!

Hi there IAMHMR readers!!
It's Jen from Tatertots and Jello here. And I am so excited about Cheri's Blogger Blooper series!!

I think it's easy to look at blogs and think that everyone has perfect homes and perfect lives.  
When in reality it's all edited to look perfect. I love that people can share their not so perfect messy lives and failed projects.

I have had my share of craft fails for sure!!  
You know when you have a vision in your mind and the finished result just doesn't live up to your expectation? Here's one of those projects. I made it last fall and was so excited about it until I finished it and saw the creation - lol!! This is kind of what I had in mind: 

I thought it would be fun to make a ruffled lamp shade. So I took an old lamp shade that I found at a garage sale, cut up some fabric and sewed a bunch of ruffles and hot glued them on to the lampshade.

Let's just say the finished lampshade was NOT what I was going for. AND, when I put it on the lamp, the ruffles are so thick that the light can't get through. So funny!!

So - I'd love to know --- Have you ever had a craft fail? What was it? 

Thanks for joining in Jen!  Want to read about a few more blogger bloopers? 
I remember reading THIS POST from Christie as A Lemon Squeezy Home.  It made me laugh because I think we've all been there....well, minus being chased by ravenous dogs :)
Also, did you know there's a whole web site for craft fails?  I just found it HERE.
Here are a few fun links from it:



Thanks for stopping by.  See you tomorrow for Wake Up Wednesday.


Mrs. Ohtobe said...

Love the bloopers! I've been asked to guest blog my favorite recipe, so I made it this weekend with the necessary step-by-step pics. Normally I quadruple the sauce recipe part (hey 5 kids with 3 boys over 6'3" here) and I accidently octo-upled (8 times) the recipe midway through! Then while making my finale presentation picture I slopped the sauce all over the serving dish, on to the countertop and down the cabinets.

Also Cheri - I made a few stretchy bookmarks this weekend and linked up to you! Love them and what great stocking stuffers they will make!

The Miller Five said...

All these craft fails are making me feel so much better about myself! It seems like all my projects are fails! I'm glad you are showing the humorous side.

Erin said...

hahaha those end pictures are hilarious. Off to check out that website. :)

Thanks for keeping it real--it DOES seem like everyone's project go "perfectly" in blogland, especially when they I read things like "I whipped this up in a few minutes" and I'm like...whipped? up? in a few minutes? Sad face for my lengthy trial and error projects. But my goal is to be content, and to embrace imperfection. :)

Anna said...

What a fun idea! I can't wait to read more. :)


Unknown said...

I was pretty upset about this when it happened. But if it had been something meant for myself it would have been hilarious. I do giggle now, when I think of Harry the Hippo's mangled carcass. He started cute and chubby and ended mangled and stretched with dangly limbs. I wish I had a 'before' picture! lol

Christie // lemon squeezy home said...

So funny, Jen. I love that the light wouldn't come through, ha ha!

Thanks for linnking, Cheri:).

Kelly @ Run With Glitter said...

I think 1/2 my projects are FAIL! lol
Here is my latest..http://runwithglitter.blogspot.com/2011/06/how-not-to-make-ice-cream-cone-cupcakes.html

Julie {BuildSewReap} said...

I love craft bloopers and I've seen that site before and it makes me laugh. My very favorite is this one here: http://craftfail.com/?p=1395 Call me dirty but seriously, that's some very very very funny stuff.

Sue said...

Most of my craft projects could go into the "fail" category. I'm just much better with flour, sugar, butter and chocolate!

KellyS said...

Love this!! The ruffle lamp shade is adorable, and I definitely wouldn't have seen the problem with letting the light out. LOL

Unknown said...

Love this! Always in the mood for a good crack up!! I just posted about a sign I made that turned out exactly as I envisioned and I was so proud of it... until I went to hang it on the wall! http://aturtleslifeforme.blogspot.com/2011/07/repeat-of-one-of-my-favorites.html

Amy said...

I love this. I was thinking the other day that a crafts gone wrong link party would be so fun! I made a wreathe the other day that I was so excited about. I had envisioned it so perfectly. When I was done, I looked at it and the first thing I thought of was..Sully from Monsters Inc (it was blue and the triangle banner looked like teeth)! It didn't look good..I still tried to hang it up and see what I thought, and I found my husband standing in front of it just staring looking pretty confused!I should take a picture. Have a good one. http://rubykay.blogspot.com/

Zombiemommy said...

I SNORTED and DROOLED with laughter, I had to put my head down I was laughing so hard... THANK you I needed that. The panty hose doll is just too much...I can't stop, oh my I have tears at the corners of my eyes.

Dom's MOM said...

Ok remember when mc hammer was big with his famous pants! Yes I said Mc Hammer. I am reaching way back. I was going to make some of those famous pants so I could be cool. Thank God I used some old bed sheets to make the first pair. We let us say I gave my mom a good laugh and she had to cut my ankles out of the pants! Your message brought this all rushing back to me. Hi my name is Christina, and I am a failed crafted! Lol

Joy said...

Oh,my! I have tears streaming down my cheeks from all the laughing! I needed a good laugh today...thank you! Hee, hee!



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