July 15, 2011

Blogger Bloopers with Shelley from the House of Smiths

Today we have Shelley from the House of Smiths.  Shelley has an amazing eye for design and when you visit her blog you'll always be awed by lovely pictures of her beautiful home.  I've met her in person a couple of times and she is entertaining, animated, and crazy about her family.  Welcome Shelley!

Baby Room Momma Drama

Okay, so first off let me say... I LOVE the idea of project blooper guest posts! ha!  it's been so funny reading through peoples posts, knowing that NOBODY get's it right ALL the time :)
GREAT idea Cheri!

Well, Cason and I have had quite our share of bloopers while remodeling our little house, but probably none as unforgettable as "THE WALL OF HORROR!"
yes, I'm being deliriously dramatic :)

Here's the breakdown of this crazy ride we like to call...
"Our three year old's room makeover gone wrong"
This poor little room has officially had MORE primer and paint colors than ANY other room in our entire home... times 3.  One very sunny afternoon I felt super motivated and painted our youngest's bedroom. It went from this...

To this...
What?  You can't tell a difference??? lol.  No worries. That's kinda what Cason said when he saw it too.

You would think that spending almost all day taping off and painting a room, that only winded up being a SMIDGE lighter would qualify enough to be a fail, right?  Nope... it only get's better worse.
I had this brilliant idea to find a color that matched exactly with the color of her dust ruffle and euro sham on her bed, and paint one wall this "beautiful" dark pink color and then finish up with some trim work!

Please note the color of the polkadot sham on her bed.
I knew it was a DARK pink, but I wasn't scared!
I bought the paint, and was on my way.
I actually PAINTED it.
I'm NOT joking you... I felt like I had just MURDERED this poor wall, in my baby's room. It was GLOWING into the HALLWAY it was SO bright... literally!
I could HARDLY bare to leave it for the couple of hours that it existed. And felt like every time I walked down the hall the Jaw's theme song should have been playing, as I approached her room... and it's new... "glow"
See for yourself...
duh dun...
duh dun...
duh dun


It's funny now, but I'll be honest... When Cason came home from work...
*get ready for a REAL home improvement moment and blogger blooper*
I cried.
Yup. I totally just broke down and cried.
I had been painting ALL day, had even convinced my hubby it was going to be "SO CUTE"... My body hurt, and now I HATED everything!
The poor guy, who hates painting, like I hate laundry... grabbed a roller and the 5 gallon bucket of primmer (yes, we have a 5 gallon bucket... don't judge, please)
and got to work.
Really... I love him.
He didn't say "I told you so" and didn't laugh at me, or get mad because I had wasted $28 bucks on a gallon of crazy dark pink paint, he just... primmed.

Moral of the story... (besides the fact that walls shouldn't be painted magenta pink..)
Nobody's perfect
Everyone has bloopers
And as long as you can learn from them...
but still keep the drive to continue moving forward, creatively, then it's gonna be aaaaaall right.
Thank you Cheri for having me.  It was blooper-ific!

Thanks for joining us Shelley!  I bet a lot of us have done that before.  My husband died one day when he came home and our family room was almost glow-in-the-dark yellow.  That one lasted only one day :)  Thank you all for stopping by.


  1. LOVED the "don't judge" comment about the 5-gallon bucket of primer. Cute story and if everything turned out perfect we'd all be snobs! :)

  2. That is an awesome story. I think everyone has those "what the HECK was I thinking?" moments with paint. Mine was our master bathroom that ended being hospital gown green. Except I was in such despair and so sick of working on it that I left it for 5 years...

  3. I'm loving all of these bloopers! The sad thing is...I have a sis in law who painted her daughters room probably this exact color. The whole room, minus the lower part of the walls where they have beadboard. It's truly is terrible. only they left it....

  4. I painted the master bedroom and bath room split pea soup green ... we left it for 5 years. Then we remodeled the master bath and chose cinnamon to paint it ... then to our dismay cinnamon = bright orange. Fail times 2. It is now a neutral beige.

  5. Holy pink! This is exactly why I don't paint. It terrifies me! All my walls are an extremely lame shade of white.

  6. I think both your guys are probably long suffering in the home 'improvement' department. Nothing phases them any more! Great stories girls x

  7. Aww, sounds like that hubby of yours is pretty close to perfect!

  8. This one had me laughing so hard!!!! I am loving all the bloopers. I really liked what she said about still continuing on when we mess up. So true!!

  9. I think a lot of us have a similar painting blooper. Thanks for posting yours! Mine was in our office, I tried three different paint samples (painting atleast 1/4 of a wall) before settling on a color :)

  10. love it and the jaws theme, hilarious.

  11. I think this happens for all brightly colored walls. They do fade though, I know someone who painted their wall BRIGHT GREEN! At first it was VERY reflective but as time grew on it wasn't so much and now there is no reflection! Pretty funny!


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