August 04, 2011

Cassie's Family Room

My little sister Cassie recently moved into her first home.  They completely renovated it and it's beautiful.  This is one of several posts, showing the makeovers.  Her commentary will be italicized and mine will be in normal print.  Welcome to Cassie's house.

Today I'm showing you my sister's new family room.  It was a big, bright room to start with, but not exactly her style.



Here's how it went down.  The mauve/brown carpet had to go. 

They also ripped out all the baseboards and casing.

My dad put in the acacia wood flooring that my sister got a sweet deal on.  The stairway even got a new railing/banister.  All the trim was replaced with thick MDF trim that was later painted white.

Here's a shot at the new railing.  My dad had never replaced one before, but he figured it out.  Pretty sweet.  My sister decided to go with a dark stain and white paint, giving the stairway a craftsman look.

As you enter the room, to the right you'll see a shelf my dad built that's just like the one he made for me.

Here's a close-up of a few of my favorite items on it.  I got her the giant mason jar at Hobby Lobby and she filled it will cute giant gumballs.

I love this sign she bought at Deseret Book.

The corbels I found for her at D.I. for $4 each I think. I was SO excited to find them because they were so cheap and they looked cool and worn. (Mine were a lot more expensive and I had to make them look worn.) See how big they are too?  (I made her put her hand in the shot so you could see how big they are :)

The giant entertainment center was a smokin' deal too.  My sister has a talent for buying and selling.  She sold a small armoire for the same price that she bought this giant one for.  It was a custom built piece that a guy had made and he didn't end up liking it.  Awesome, huh?

Here's a close up at some of the items she bought that I covet love.  I adore this large mirror.

The giant barrel is an antique from a local shop.  I thought about stealing it, but I'm pretty sure she'd find it :)

Here's the room looking from the other side.  (I'll show you that gallery stairway wall another day.)

The coffee table holds some decorative balls and she spraypainted some of them to match the decor.

The couch and chairs are adorned with homemade pillows made by my mom and sister.

She found the rug at Overstock.

The back corner holds an old trunk that's her husbands, a few random items, and some subway art you might recognize.  (The scribble is covering her address.  She's not currently welcoming random visitors :)

As I mentioned, all the casing and baseboards have been replaced.  To do it as inexpensively as possible, by sister bough giant sheets of MDF and had my dad rip them (cut them into strips) to use as thick trim.  They were primed and painted.  (Man do they suck in the paint.)

If you want to see more MDF trim, wait till you see the kitchen.  Ah!  My dad did some incredible board and batten in there.

So here's one last look.

EXTRA INFO:  If you want to know paint colors, my sister will be happy to share them, but keep in mind that when I photograph the walls, edit the photos, and you see them on your monitor, all of that can change the color quite a bit.  The colors often look much lighter than they are in real life.

If you have questions about where she got certain accessories, she'll try her best to answer you in the comment section.

Thanks for stopping by.


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