December 26, 2011

Best of 2011

Last year I rounded up my favorite projects from the blog to post at the end of the year, so I thought it would be fun to do it again.  Here's my favorite project from each month.


I seriously love Picnik - not just for photo editing.


A lot of you guys followed suit on this one.  It was so fun to see all your cute Valentine pictures.



This was a guest post from Autie at iCandy, but it was my favorite post of the month.  We made one too and my boys just love it.


This post summarized about 30 other posts I've done here, showing you ALL the various techniques I like to use.


This one has helped us a lot.  He just completed his second passport.  We're about to create out third.



I loved watching Rex strut around in these pants.  Sadly, he's hit a growth spurt and they are already too small for him.


The Tohoku Tote

I have loved seeing all your versions of this tote.  So fun!


Big Boy Belts

This is not your ordinary belt.  I designed it so that any child can get it on and off easily.


And this wasn't a tutorial, but it was probably my favorite thing I posted this year.  Thanks Jen!

Okay, so I'm seeing a theme here.  A lot of the posts I picked are Super Hero-related.  Maybe my sons aren't the only ones with a Super Hero addiction :)

Thank you for visiting my blog this year!


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