December 31, 2011

What I Said I Wouldn't Do....

Have you ever done something you said you'd never do?  I remember making assumptions about what kind of mother I'd be before I even knew what having kids was like.  I vowed I would never, ever lick my finger and wipe off my child's face.  So gross!  Fast forward to years later.  I have a little boy and we're late for a doctor's appointment and I'm about to enter the building but I realize his little face it still showing signs of breakfast.  I can't find my wipes and we're late.  THEN it happens.  There aren't other options.  I lick my finger and wipe his sweet little face so I don't have to bring him to the doctor looking like I never bathe him.  I cringe, but I do it.  Ugh!

I mention this because I am about to do something I said I wouldn't do.

However, I'm hoping you'll stay with me here so you can understand why and hold back your judgement.  I am trying my best to be honest and frank with all of you.

Before my blog was even a few months old I promised that I would only have about 6 sponsors and never have any blinking advertisements.  I wanted to keep things simple.  We were in a great financial situation and my only purpose in blogging was to "do good."  That has been my goal since I started.  I accepted sponsors on a small basis, but never pursued them.  Having a few sponsors was nice because it helped offset the cost of creating projects to show you everyday.

Fast forward to today.  There are some things I didn't know then.  I didn't know that we would have two really tough years.  My husband works solely on commission and we all know what the economy has been like.  We've been smart with our finances and spent very little.  However, I've been given opportunities to make some money as my blog has grown.  About a month ago I added an advertisement in the sidebar.  It was really hard for me to do because I didn't want to be criticized.  To some of you it might be strange that I would even think that hard about it.  However, I am a very careful person and it kills me to do something I said I wouldn't.

As I toyed with the idea of monetizing I didn't want people to think that the purpose of my blog has changed.  It hasn't.  However, if I can help our family, I feel that's a blessing.  Our furnace is 20 years old and dying.  Our dishwasher isn't really cleaning our dishes.  My husband's car has about 180,000 miles on it and had to be towed in to be fixed after it wouldn't start on Christmas day.  We haven't been on a vacation in years.   I am NOT trying to complain.  I'm trying to explain.  I'd like to be able to pitch in and blogging has given me the opportunity to do so while staying home with my boys.

So there it is.  I've decided to phase out sponsors and run some additional ads instead.  If the ads are frustrating or annoying to you then I apologize.  Please just keep in mind that I'm trying to do my best in all aspects of my life - on the blog and in my family.  Thanks for understanding.

Thanks for reading my blog.


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