February 20, 2012

2 Years of Blogging

Yesterday I mentioned that it was my blog anniversary, so today I thought I'd take the day off from crafting.  I had plans to post a fun video for you like last year, but the weekend got a little too busy.  So, here are a few things I wanted to say as I think about this whole blogging thing.  

1) I have a lot to learn.  I don't EVER want to portray the idea that I am perfect or that I have everything put together.  I want you to leave  my blog feeling inspired, and NEVER inferior.
The way I see it, we are all learning together.  I'm trying to learn how to balance my life and how to be a good person/mother just like you.  That's what makes our interaction fun.  We are all in the same boat trying to figure it all out.  I mess up projects.  I often feel like I'm messing up my kids, but I am trying.  I think we all feel happier when we come to realize that all of us really are trying our best.

2) This blog is a gift.  I read the book "The Outliers" a while back and it made me think about some things in a different light.  It tracks successful people and examines what contributed to their success.  There are many factors including conditions, opportunities, time frames, culture, and a billion other things.  The point is, I realize that this blog opportunity is a gift.  I try to work hard, but there are conditions that have allowed me to do this.  If my husband weren't able to provide for our family then would be working full time and never would have had this chance.  If my parents hadn't raised me to be project-oriented and artistic I wouldn't know about any of these subjects.  If I had been born in a different time frame or country, I might not have had the opportunity to reach a lot of people through technology.

What I'm trying to say, is that I can't take credit for this opportunity, but I CAN try to do the best with the gift I've been given.  I believe that our lives become amazing when we stop wishing we had certain things or were someone else, but when we stop to really realize what we've been given.  In EVERY case it's a lot.  They may be different blessings than what we want, but they are our blessings and we receive even more of them when we claim what we've been given.  (It's like the parable of the talents.)  So take inventory and make plans.  Make them big.

3) Thank you.  Without you guys I'm just talking to myself about paint and thread and life.  I appreciate your comments and emails so much.  There have been many that have changed my day.  When you guys purchased the purse pattern or the prints for charity, I felt like we made a great team.  I feel like we can do great things together.  I love hearing your Wake Up Wednesday experiences.  And even if you're here and you've never left a comment I still think you're great.  I'm not always the best about leaving comment myself :)

So, here's to another couple of years - projects to create, skills to learn, mistakes to make, life to share.  Thank you for reading my blog.


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