June 01, 2012

Five Finds Friday - think Summer School

Rex is almost out of school.  Last year I read the Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and it really made me think.  (Short version: It's a book that explores and dissects success.)  One section talked about the difference between children who do nothing over the summer and those that keep learning and having educational experiences.  

I don't Rex to forget all he's learned at school over the summer, so I've been planning on doing "Mommy school" with him and with Baden all summer.

I've made a plan for the week with subjects we'll cover.  I want it to be fun as well.  We plan on having five subjects - one for each day of the week.  The line up is Letters, Art & Music, Numbers, Science, and Computers.  It won't be anything intense, but I'm thinking we'll do about an hour a day.

Now, I don't plan on reinventing the wheel, so I thought today I would share with you some of the sites I plan on using for ideas.  Here are five great resources for teaching your young children.

1) Allison from Oopsey Daisy has some great packs she's made.  She calls it mommy school as well.  She also plans fun activities to go with the packs.  You can find here mommy school info HERE.

2) Steph from Modern Parent Messy Kids has tons of resources.  I am a fan of her Make and Play Vault which is FULL of fun hands on ideas.  I've been planning on getting some of THESE for a long time.  I think the boys would love them.

3) 1+1+1=3 is also an awesome resource.  Carisa has amazing preschools packs to choose from HERE.  (I blogged about them once HERE.)  She does more than preschool packs, too.  Just spend a few minutes browsing all her stuff and you'll fall in love.  She's got something for every kid.

4) Did you know that UCreate has a whole separate site for kid crafting?  There are lots of fun ideas stored up there as well.  Find it HERE.

5) Disney's Family Fun site has a lot of ideas from crafting to games.  The crafting section HERE has a lot of ideas for a broad range of ages.

Do you have a site you love for educational and fun actives for kids?  Feel free to add one to the comment section.  It's so awesome to have free resources to use.  I love all the idea sharing.

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