June 01, 2012

Five Finds Friday - think Summer School

Rex is almost out of school.  Last year I read the Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and it really made me think.  (Short version: It's a book that explores and dissects success.)  One section talked about the difference between children who do nothing over the summer and those that keep learning and having educational experiences.  

I don't Rex to forget all he's learned at school over the summer, so I've been planning on doing "Mommy school" with him and with Baden all summer.

I've made a plan for the week with subjects we'll cover.  I want it to be fun as well.  We plan on having five subjects - one for each day of the week.  The line up is Letters, Art & Music, Numbers, Science, and Computers.  It won't be anything intense, but I'm thinking we'll do about an hour a day.

Now, I don't plan on reinventing the wheel, so I thought today I would share with you some of the sites I plan on using for ideas.  Here are five great resources for teaching your young children.

1) Allison from Oopsey Daisy has some great packs she's made.  She calls it mommy school as well.  She also plans fun activities to go with the packs.  You can find here mommy school info HERE.

2) Steph from Modern Parent Messy Kids has tons of resources.  I am a fan of her Make and Play Vault which is FULL of fun hands on ideas.  I've been planning on getting some of THESE for a long time.  I think the boys would love them.

3) 1+1+1=3 is also an awesome resource.  Carisa has amazing preschools packs to choose from HERE.  (I blogged about them once HERE.)  She does more than preschool packs, too.  Just spend a few minutes browsing all her stuff and you'll fall in love.  She's got something for every kid.

4) Did you know that UCreate has a whole separate site for kid crafting?  There are lots of fun ideas stored up there as well.  Find it HERE.

5) Disney's Family Fun site has a lot of ideas from crafting to games.  The crafting section HERE has a lot of ideas for a broad range of ages.

Do you have a site you love for educational and fun actives for kids?  Feel free to add one to the comment section.  It's so awesome to have free resources to use.  I love all the idea sharing.

Thanks for stopping by.


Holly said...

I teach kindergarten, and this post left me jumping for joy! :) High fives to you for working with your kiddos over the summer! It will make SUCH A HUGE difference!

While my suggestions aren't going to be "paper pencil" activities, they may be good for a rainy day or a busy time when all you can manage with the boys is some screen time ( I don't have kids- are mom's busy? I just assume they are) ;)

My kindergarteners love abcya.com You can choose the grade level you want to work on, but don't be afraid to look at the upper grades. I was surprised that some of my kids even found appropriate games on the 5th grade level!

We also love starfall.com which is good for letter/sound review.

Also, many sites have online read alouds which are great for promoting fluency and helping with comprehension!

Kids aol jr. (Google online read alouds) storylineonline.net, and speakaboos.com are our favorites.

You can also make file folder games by printing the pieces off the internet. I found most of mine by searching on Pinterest (of course) :)

Maybe you could whip up your own! If you do- please SHARE! :)

Good luck and happy teaching! :)

Kristal said...

Yes! Love new places to find fun stuff:). My daughter is 3 and just started preschool yesterday but I have enjoyed doing "mommy school " with her. Two places I find inspiration: childhood101 and tinkerlab. Both are along the "play to learn" line of thinking which is my favorite:)

The Simmons Family said...

Wow..thanks! Owie can't go to preschool yet due to germs, so I'm always looking for new things to do at home..great resources!

Carisa said...

Thanks Cheri for sharing my blog again, I am honored! I noticed a few people mentioning they found me from you, and I hadn't checked my feeds today! I jumped over and found this and now know why they are finding me! ;-)

kms handmade said...

That book had a big impact on me too. I live in Germany and they go to school year-round. Unfortunately, my kids go to an English school with a normal long summer. I work full tome so I really worry about my boy vegetating all summer! Thanks for the link round up. I will have a look through those!

Jodie said...

My oldest daughter (4) likes the Sid the Science Kid games at PBSKids.org. She also loves starfall.com

I have a blog (tonsoffunpreschoolactivities.blogspot.com) but I haven't updated it in awhile. Besides the sites you already listed, other favorites are www.activity-mom.com, mydeliciousambiguity.com, abcand123learning.com and www.icanteachmychild.com

Homemade Heather said...

That's great Cheri!!! There are so many awesome preschool resources around the web. http://www.2teachingmommies.com/ 2 Teaching Mommies has FREE Preschool Printables that I love. I laminate them and use them for my toddlers in the park program or while camping with the boys in the summer. I teach preschool and have shared a few ideas that I've done with the boys on my blog as well. Here's preschool crafts http://www.twindragonflydesigns.com/search/label/Preschool
and Cooking With Kids
I can't wait to see what you and the boys come up with this summer!! Thanks for sharing!

cbryan said...

I love this post. My little girl isn't old enough for school yet, but she LOVES learning so these will be great resources to keep her entertained. We are going to try to start being a little more structured with her learning activities to get her better ready for preschool. I like the idea of mommy school!

Catherine Peart said...

I read that book too and we are doing the same. I am looking forward to Mummy School here! I am also adding in a 'life skills' portion. I told my daughter that in order for her to be allowed to add another electronic to her life (she is 10 and desperately wants an iPod and has been saving for it) then she needs to learn some life skills first (how to use the washing machine, how to clean properly, what chores need doing each day, how to cook, how to sew etc.). She has some of these skills but I want her to know how to do all of them independently too. Lots of fun thrown in and I am really looking forward to the summer!

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

My kids lived on activities from Family fun when they were younger! We had one great teacher who would send fun activity kits in the mail all summer. My son LOVED it! Rex is too young now but this teacher would send a copy of a grocery store add and then a list of items she needed from the grocery store, the kids were suppose to shop the grocery store ad, then add everything up and then send her a letter and tell her how much the items cost, sometimes she would make it complicated and say but you only have 25.00 and you can't spend that much. It was a great way for them to practice and they were also using their writing skills by writing her back. I taught preschool for years and I think what you are doing is sooo smart, gonna give your boys an advantage!

Steph at ModernParentsMessyKids.com said...

Thanks so much for featuring Modern Parents Messy Kids - such a treat :). As you know, I'm a big fan of yours as well!

Eric and Carrie said...

Thanks for this post! We are moving into a town where we hear there are NO good preschool options that are anywhere near affordable, so I'm realizing I might have to do preschool from home. All of these resources might be just what we need to get through this year and prepare my daughter for school. THANK YOU!!

Absolutely Kathy said...

Great post. I am also a fan of 1+1+1=1 and TinkerLab. And I really enjoy http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/. Just browsing pinterest gives me ideas too for things to do with my daughter. But I love the idea of breaking each day into topics. I think I will try that with my daughter this summer.

ari said...

I have a HEAP of things pinned on my "Vincent School" pinterest board! Vince is three though, so it might not be the same age group as your boys. But check it out! So many resources. I even found a curriculum for what you guys call preschool {but I think for us it's kindy} for homeschooling. I'm not going to homeschool Vince but I want him to know his alphabet before he does start school in 2014 :)

Anyway the link is here since apparently I can't embed it in a comment ahahh: http://pinterest.com/adamwest/vincent-school/

The Miller Five said...

Thanks for this Cheri. My little man starts preschool at the end of summer, so I want to start getting him ready. I absolutely LOVE Alison's packets. She is amazing. Even my older girls like to get in on the fun!

Krista said...

Thanks for all this info! My son starts kindergarten this coming fall. I don't think preschool did the best job teaching him what he needs to know to enter kindergarten, so we'll be doing lots of work this summer. I want it to be fun for him though, he is only 4 after all!

Mika said...

Oh my! How fun are the sites that you recommended!!!
As you head into Summer, we are heading into winter, so we have a lot of indoor days ahead of us. I know I am going to find lots of ideas to do with the kids to keep them happy over the winter.

Thanks heaps!


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