June 22, 2012

Mommy School in Action - part 3

Here are our top three activities we did this week for Mommy school.

1) I wanted to fit in a music day, so I got some music instruments out.  We talked about how the beat is a constant pulse.

 We played some fun songs and practiced finding the beat.  We noticed which songs had a faster beat and which ones had a slower beat.

Then I made flashcards to teach them about quarter notes and eights notes.  We practiced walking those note values.  For example, we "walk quarter notes" by walking at a normal pace and saying "tah, tah, tah, tah."  Then we walk twice as fast for eight notes saying "tee-tee, tee-tee, tee-tee, tee-tee."  This helps them feel the beat.  (Sidenote: I taught K-12 music at a private school for a year before I had kids and I taught a few years of piano and voice, so I have lots of music ideas up my sleeves from those days.)  I don't have pictures of the flashcards.  Sorry.

Lastly, we played our favorites tunes and had a dance party.

2) The boys love my measuring tapes.  They carry them around and pretend to measure things.  For mommy school the other day I taught them how to measure.  We started by measuring random things around the house.

I had Baden measure short things, since he only recognizes the first 6-7 numbers.

Then we headed outside.  I made chalk lines about a foot apart and then I had Rex write the numbers along side of them.  We created a ruler, so to speak.  

Then we took water balloons and I let the boys see how far they could throw them.  

They had to tell me what number the balloon landed on.  (This way they were focused on throwing far and not throwing them at each other :)

This one was pretty fun and it was one of those activities where the boys didn't even notice they were learning something :)

3) For our science day we learned about melting.  I found this awesome game HERE.  We played this on a day that my 6-year-old nephew was around, because I didn't know if Baden would really want to get in on it.  My nephew and Rex loved it though.

You give each child an ice cube and the first one to melt theirs wins.  You roll the dice (which we didn't have so we spun the spinner form Chutes and Ladders) and do what the number says.

The boys learned pretty fast that salt melts it the best.....

.....and that blowing on it takes a lot more time.

Rex got all giggly just holding the ice in his hand.

The great thing about this activity is that you don't need anything except an ice cube.  The boys liked enough to want to play it again.

And that's the best of mommy school this week.  Thanks for reading.


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